Scouting app?

Im not good nor have I ever made an app for apple. I was wondering if anyone has mad an apple app for scouting? Team 1094 made a really nice program for computers. You input the height of the tube that each robot scored and their auto mode and minibot. Using that info it ranked them and you rank the on thing like minibot and points scored.

Can anyone help me?

this is the thread were team 1094 presents there scouting program. Can anyone make that an apple app for me?

By “Apple” do you mean the iPhone/iPad or the Mac?

I wrote the web based StatsHubwhich is intended to quickly display relevant information about a team. It might help you in your scouting.

Yes I mean apple and I’m looking to make my own data base scouting system

I would also like to see this program in iPad form. It was programmed with Game Maker (GML) and I know it is possible to compile that into iOS, but there are legal issues involved with that. I would try to make it in iOS from scratch, but I guess the biggest drawback is that, as far as I know, any iPad/iPhone app has to go through the apple store, and a license for that is a little costly ($1000+?). (and I wasn’t planning on selling anything else on the store in the near future)

If someone already has such a license, and iOS experience…

I found this excellent website that works well for spreadsheets. It’s called EditGrid. It’s also iPhone compatible. I especially like it because multiple people can be working on a single spreadsheet at once. You’ll obviously have to make your scouting template on it first.

That would work great but their probably no wireless in the arena I’m in.

That’s how it will be at the Michigan State Championship…

What no wifi?

there is a really unique scouting method i came accross thanks to team20. its a scouting system on a TI84 calculator. it’s good for teams who do not have a laptop for each scouter and or when there is no wifi at the regional/district events. if anyone would like it, email me. but there are still a few kinks that i DO NOT LIKE!

Wifi hotspots/access points in general aren’t allowed at competitions because they might mess with the ap’s hooked to the robot.

and FRC Tracker 2011 is a good app. It’s compatible with all three apple devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad). The only downfall is that it gets match results from Twitter, which has proved itself to be somewhat unreliable at certain regionals…

For scouting, I’ve written my own app for our team. It’s primarily used for alliance selection. I’m able to sort my teams, pull data, get expected match outcomes, look up individual teams, generate the bracket based on the alliance selections (I’m able to input/change them quickly on the spot), pull up a match list, and sort teams by fields.

The app is moving forward quickly, but it currently private to only our team. It’ll eventually go public though, once more bugs get worked out.

All the data is put in via an exported CSV file from our Excel database we run. You need to drop the data into the app though iTunes, but it’s the best way to do it, due to the wifi/bluetooth restrictions at the events. If you already have an Excel database with all the data, use what you’ve got.

My best advice, being an Apple developer, would be to look over public source code. Reading Apple’s docs is dry, and there are a lot of good examples out there.

We started using Google Docs this year. I created a form that is easy to use, especially on touch screen devices, which automatically inputs the form submissions into a spreadsheet with the same functions as Excel. There is a form that I submitted as a template on Google Docs- just search Team 987. There have been MANY changes to it since I created the template, but at least it would give you a good idea of how it could work for you. It’s free too, which of course is a bonus :slight_smile:

On the way to the Smokey Mountain Regional, I created a “web” app for the iPhone or iPod that we used for scouting. It is webkit based and looks great on mobile safari. It has the options to input scores with a grid that is 3 peg-by-3 peg. Didn’t expect teams to score more than that. Has the option for either ubertube placed or if the team places 2 rows of the logo on the top. If you look at it, you’ll see what I mean. The system creates an overall ranking of 1 to 5 based on what the team scored and all.

I did create this system quickly, but it is a good system for scouting. Has a list of the teams for view and a top 10 list from what you specify.

You can view the example at Best viewed on mobile device. We used iPhones, iPods connected to wireless tethering, and Android phones. Of course they have to have internet, or be connected to some kind of tethering.

It uses a mySQL database to save the data. If you’re interested in using this system at any regional, I can give you the mySQL data dump. OR. If some teams do not know how to do that or you do not have one, I’d be happy to setup a folder and everything on our website with your own database.