Scouting Apps for the 2022-23 school year

Hey all!

As we start to get closer to the start of the 2023 FRC season, I’m just curious to see how everyone is doing their scouting apps! Seeing some people having issues with limited software licenses (see this forum) I’m wondering what different teams are doing as alternatives.

1895 is using a Django database that is hosted on a remote server (a laptop connected to the internet or can be tethered to) accessed via an IP address. If you were at Chesapeake regionals, you may have had a chat with me about sharing data!

The goal of this is to make a forum where we can all share ideas and techniques about how to approach scouting in the upcoming season.

Good luck this upcoming year!

That’s really cool! I always think open-source projects are really fun to mess around with and upgrade/modify. Is that something that can run on a database or just a mobile app that one person can use?

The web app itself act as a database. You can transfer data from device to device in an offline manner. If you collect data and centralize it, the app itself has a flexible and customizable analytics system.

oh that’s pretty cool. If I wanted to teach new people the applications of web development, would using this be a good tool? I’ve been trying to find different methods of real application so it isn’t as boring

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