Scouting at Championship

I was just thinking that since there are so many teams, and some may still try to scout them all that everyone can pitch together and help.

I have found when scouting that a picture says 1000 words, but unfortunately, its easier said than done to find a picture of each teams robot, so this is what I propose to make the load a little lighter:

If you are a team, going to nationals, or just REALLY bored, have someone PM me and we can divide the workload and create blank scouting sheets with maybe a brief description of what the robot has and can do.

Together we may just have a shot of putting together an ultimate scouting book for the competition! :smiley:

This may help you. Karthik put together a fairly extensive spreadsheet on all Championship Teams. I hope this helps you!

Look up the guys on my team. we have a filemaker database for all the teams that we’re slowly building up. I’m sure they’d be glad to let you take a look when they’re done.

Thats really good although there are some holes… (how can you forget 624? ;_; ). I just find that it helps when you have pictures of the robots as well.

This is what I mean, if we all collect our information together, the database we could make would be the shiznit!

We actually have a large amount of info on in game performance on all the teams a svr, but we’ll have robot info by day 2 of nats.

Team 93 will be scouting whatever division we are placed in at the Championship Event. We’ve got a simple match scouting program that includes data on autonomous mode function, capping function, and several other scoring possibilities. Once all the data is compiled, we can set priorities for what we are looking for in an alliance partner and the program will tell us which robots make the best complement to our team. We even include pictures of the robots in the pits and on the field to help us recall who they are and what they do. Of course, it still doesn’t hurt to have the “human factor” helping to decide which team best matches your team’s abilities.

If you would like a copy of the program (runs in Excel) or would like the data results from our scouting, please feel free to stop by our pits at the Championship Event and we’d be happy to share it with you. We’ll be updating the data in our pits every ten matches or so. If you plan to use it on your own, make sure to bring a laptop.

We’ve thought it would be nice to have data from all four divisions so we can plan defensively should we make it so far as to play teams from other divisions. Unfortunately we don’t have enough human resources to pull it off.

Good Luck!