Scouting at Finger Lakes Regional 2019

Hello, my name is Alex Cressley and I am from team 2544. My team is going to the Finger Lakes Regional for our second time this year. I know that last year we did not do so great, which was the result of unintentional mistakes and unseen circumstances. But this year we are starting over and I hope that everyone will not hold last year against us.
The true topic of this thread is about scouting, so I am asking about what your team’s way of scouting is? I know most teams have a system, but are you using pen and paper, or any online system. My team is using my new scouting system that runs on Google Suite. Using google forms, we are able to input data into spreadsheets. Also, we will (hopefully) have human scouts doing field scouting as well.
Also, we will (most likely) have a screen in the pits that will display the system so everyone can see it. If you have any questions, you will be able to find me as I will be wearing a name tag and the Drive team button for 2544. You can just come up to me, I won’t bite, but I will hopefully answer any questions.
Alexander Cressley - Strategist for Team 2544

1511 uses a tablet scouting system using tablets donated by our sponsor Harris. They are just the device used whil the program is a scouting app created by a student with the help of a mentor. The data is saved on the tablets and then pulled off into tableau. This year we were able to have the data automatically input into an excel spreadsheet that a mentor made which does a bunch of calculations to figure some stuff out. All of this relies on accurate scouting data, so hope for that.

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