Scouting Between Divisions

In past years, there have been a few teams from each division willing to offer scouting information for the teams who make it out of their division. Team 27 would like to make this offer for Archimedes. It would be good to get at least two teams from each division to be willing to share info (just in case one of the teams wins their division, it’s hard to walk up to a team and ask how to beat them :ahh: ).

Would any other teams like to help out?

573 will help out for Archimedes.

I’ll make myself and our binders available…if and only if we don’t win Newton.

I would also like to swap scouting information from regionals with anybody who is game. Those of you who are in Galileo and don’t come from the northeast listen up, because I can give you scouting reports on 1/4 of your division.

well i am going down teamless but will likly spend alot of time at Gallileo. If any teams would like me to gather info let me know and i will stop by your pits

My scouting pal and I will try to have all 85 Newtons scouted by 1:00 pm.
ASAP, we should have a cell sheet ready that could be shared/bartered for data on the other divisions.