Scouting Data Dump and Review: Omegabytes 5727

Hello, this is one of 5727 student scout leads, I am here to give you an overview of how the Omegabytes scouted this season and how our system progressed throughout the season. Here is the scouting data from each of our events and below I talk about the structure of collecting this.

Pre Scouting

The Pre Scouting starts by scouting the matches of previous events of the teams that will be at our next event. We scout a minimum of 3 matches for each team that will be at the next event. Then once we have the data we input it into a Scouting Compiler. We use the data gathered in pre scouting for the first few matches during the event.

Pit scouting

On load-in day we pit scout by sending 2 groups of 2-3 students to inquire about the level of climb and shooter level. We put the information on the pit scouting sheet but getting information is not the only thing we’re there for. We are also there to make friends with other teams while being respectful to them. We are also asking other teams questions about their entire organization and not just their robots, this is the communications side of scouting. This includes scouting the scouts, this is how we learn what other teams are doing for scouting. We’re asking questions about their team’s structure and how they operate such as what CAD Software or even what their Outreach looks like during covid. We use the information we get to improve our team overall.

Match Scouting

During matches at the competitions, we have 6 people scouting the robots and 2 people scouting for fouls if we have the manpower. We rotate people every 10 or so matches. Also every once in a while I try to check in on people when they scout to see if they need anything. So we scout on paper (Here’s a link to the sheet). In this sheet, we collect autonomous, tele-operated, and endgame data in separate cells. In auto, we collect tarmac info, how many shots they attempted, and how many shots they made, as well as which level they shot for. In tele-op we collected the same shooting data. For endgame, we collect which level they climbed their relative ability, and what time they entered the hanger zone. After the match, we input the relative, observed, driver ability of the robot/driver, and the scouter initials. After each match, we collect all 6 papers from the scouters and input the data into a Scouting Compiler for the event. The scouting compiler is an offline save of the google sheet which can be pushed to our drive when we are able to get a connection. The original papers are saved as hard data backups if they ever need to be re-inputed.

The reason we take this approach to data acquisition is to be both affordable and non-reliant on wifi or cellular connections. As our events are in rural areas and it is not uncommon to have no signal of any type.

Driver Dashboard

We have a driver dashboard for the drive team to use for strategizing before a match, they’re able to choose the teams that will be on our alliance and our opposing alliance. They can then see the expected match outcome for each alliance and see the breakdown of how the bots have been scoring to decide their match strategy from there.

Also here is are Season recap video


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