Scouting data for Curie

Are there any teams who were in Curie that would be willing to share their final scouting data? We would love to see this to improve our scouting methods as well as compare data to determine how consistent the data was. The more teams willing to share would be better. Congratulations to all teams in Atlanta and we hope to see you there again. Thank you in advance.

188 kind of posted there scouting data in the Curie thread. They at least listed average scoring of the top teams as well as there reasoning for why certain teams were picked for alliances.

My lead scout has the USB thumb drive with our data. As soon as I get it (should be tonight) I will post our data from Friday. We do not enter Saturday data into the database as we only use it for Friday night deliberations. We only did quantitative analysis on the human players so no HP data will be in this grid. Our data is different than the 188 data, but the trends are the same. They had our ball count much lower than we did. I verified with some video that our count was pretty accurate, but they way we shoot makes it very difficult to count accurately all the time.


I’m tracking down our most up-to-date database to post here as well. We can cross reference what both our teams saw to see where the differences were.

I’m always curious to see just how differently two sets of eyes see the same event =).

With a game as difficult as this to keep track of, all I can say is:

“I’m not surprised”

O.K. here it is. this version just has the raw data entered by the students from the sheets, a summary sheet, and our “list” as of Friday night. There were a lot of moves made on Saturday morning based on individual robot performance. How teams play when it really counts is hard to capture in a Friday night list.

The summary sheet uses Excel Pivot tables and if you know how to use them are very powerful. I have set it up to show # of moon rocks scored and +/-. The number of MR scored is not points, but moon rocks. If you want points, then multiply by 2. The +/- is based on points and is The number of points scored by the robot minus the number of points in the robot’s trailer (including Super Cell Points).

Here is my list of disclaimers:

  1. If anyone complains about not being on the list or anything regarding their spot on the list, then I will never post something like this again.

  2. If anyone disputes the number in any category, then I will never post something like this again.

  3. The list is not personal. The list is purely statistics based. Some very close friends of ours are not even on the list.

  4. The Auton speed is related to our auton speed. medium is basically the same as us, fast is faster than us … you get the point.

    Scouting - (31 KB)

    Scouting - (31 KB)

We’re not on your list!! What gives…wait, we were in Archimedes…

Thanks for sharing, Paul. I know I’ll be looking into your pivot table “magic”. :slight_smile:

Paul -

Many thanks for sharing this! It’s always interesting to see how different teams approach scouting.



I too thank you for posting this list. As a rookie team, we appreciate your willingness to share.

I knew I would learn at least one thing from looking through this document, I didn’t guess the first thing I learned from it would be Excel Pivot Tables.

Thank you for your willingness to share this data.
We have already learned some valuable lessons from it.

Much appreciated…

Attached is the final version of 188’s scouting database for the 2009 Curie division.

Included are individual stats for each team in the division, including separate metrics for human and robot scoring contributions.

Statistics include all qualification matches, including Saturday morning, but do not include any elimination rounds.

Enjoy! (88 KB) (88 KB)


Thank you so much for posting this. Seeing different databases will greatly help my team to develop better scouting.