Scouting data

As long as I’m posting scripts, attached is the script we use to pull FRC API data and convert it to a usable file for analysis in Power BI or Tableau.

You’ll need an FRC API authorization key to run the script, so if you don’t have one yet I’ve also attached the output as of a few minutes ago with all of the data from Week 0 through Week 6.

That data set is behind this quick alliance selection app I whipped up Microsoft Power BI

It’s a sort of interactive alliance captain picker report. On page one, pick the event you’re at and select all the teams then uncheck the number 1 seed, then on Page 2 you can see what teams might make a good first pick, Page 3 is a second pick view.

Pages 4 and 5 are more scale/switch and switch/vault data with pages 6 and 7 being a listing of who takes the most fouls.

As teams are being picked, you remove them from the team list selector and the visuals update so you only see the “remaining” teams. (2.49 MB) (2.49 MB)