Scouting Form Feedback

I was hoping I could get some feedback on our match scouting form!

It’s designed for the scantron system we made last year. I’m not giving any instructions in the hope that it’s self explanatory enough to be understood.

Looks perfect for a Scantron. Nice job!

A “number of dropped tubes” column may be important to see which teams have bad grippers, and a “time on clock when mini bot scores” field is probably the best way to measure speed of minibots.

Clean layout & looks quick & easy for scouts to input data. Well done!

As Chris said, may want to add a section for # of Tubes dropped. Minibot speed/time recording may get tricky for scouts however, but that is a decision for you/your team to make!

Good luck!

is there a new scouting sheet every match? meaning is there 1 sheet per 1 robot per 1 match? cause thats a lot of paper wasted. what we do is we have one sheet per team at the event, with 10 rows, 1 row per match with columns showing alliance, opponents, autonomous (what row ubertube is placed on), tubes placed on top, bottom, and middle rows, minibot place, and final score. ours really simple cause theres no complicated boxes, and then theres a notes section on the bottom. all scouts have to do is make dashes and write numbers, and if we want to look up how good a team is, we can see how well they performed in all of their matches on the same sheet.

Yeah, it’s one per match, but that does bring up possibly a good point. We could print front to back, but I’m not sure how that’d work organization wise.

What all of this data gives us the ability to do is weight different attributes, sort them, calculate standard deviations, and other amazing info. We can also export a .csv to Excel.