Scouting Form Questions?

What questions is everyone asking on their pit and match scouting forms? So far, we’re asking for:
Pit Scouting

  1. Speed (feet/second)
  2. What goals do you shoot for?
  3. What obstacles can you cross on your own?
  4. What obstacles can you cross with help?
  5. Do you shoot goals or breach defenses?
  6. Can you climb consistently?
  7. Can you do a breach by yourself?
  8. Describe your autonomous:
  9. Will you be testing any modifications this match?
  10. What is the strongest feature of your robot?
  11. Other notes:

Match Scouting

  1. Obstacles robot crossed
  2. High goal shots made/shots taken
  3. Low goal shots made/shots taken
  4. Strongest feature of robot
  5. Weakest feature of robot
  6. Was there climbing?

That’s all we got! What did you all do? Also, how are you recording this? We’re using Google Forms.

Are you doing any pit scouting that doesn’t involve asking questions?

Jeez. Have fun getting all that information in pit scouting. The field will tell you all you need to know for most of that, unless the team is hiding functionality for elims for some reason. But they will probably hide it from you if that’s the case, anyways.

Tindleroot is right. A lot of teams don’t like to give information like that and will often give you false advice. Our team often uses pit scouting as a way to determine strength of drivetrain, special components, etc.

Here are some of my opinions on your questions. I have added notes in bold. As I’ve stressed in another scouting thread, witnessing actual robot performance is key this year. Collecting some basic (subjective) data from the pits may be useful, but be sure to always back it up with the fact you see out on the field. A team that oversells a robot’s capabilities in the pits, often times oversells it during match planning, and that can be a dangerous thing. Team’s may even be reluctant to share certain information this year, as it plays a direct role in the way you chose their defenses.

Something else to consider is how to use the scouting data DURING quals, both on your partners and opponents. The obvious information is what defenses your opponents have difficulty traversing. But having data on your alliance partners also is important. Back to the overselling, if your scouting data shows team XYZ failed at going over the rock wall, don’t have them do that as part of your strategy.

Now, if the team scouting resources are low, and you aren’t able to spare 6 team members in the stands to watch matches, pit scouting may be the way to go. It’s just that this year contains so many little things that I would be wary of relying on what someone in the pit says about their robot.

You could always try one of the apps, like GearScout (under development for both android and iPhone!) or FRC krawler. Also, I’d suggest tracking shots taken/missed instead of attempts. That way, you aren’t updating two boxes whenever someone scores. Make sure you’re also recording if teams finish match on the batter.