Scouting Forms Please Help

Hello Fellow people of FIRST I am from team team 4601 Canfield CircuitBirds and since we are a second year team we need some help with our scouting forms for this year. if you guys have any input that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance,


Team 4601 Canfield CircuitBirds

When constructing your scouting forms, the first thing you need to think about is what you want in a alliance partner. Look for weaknesses in your own robot. Can you shoot well? If not, look for a good shooter.

Some major points you want to examine in this game:

Shooting: Where do they shoot, how often do they make it?
Pickup: Can they hold the ball? Is the pickup efficient? Can they pass?
Human Players: Do they incur G40? Can they effectively toss balls into robots?
Defensive/Offensive capabilities: What’s the drive train like? Can they push other bots? Do they get pushed by other bots? A strong drive train is very important this year.
Driver Proficiency: This is more subtle and difficult to notice but very important. Things to look out for are how well they can line up for shots, how quickly they can chase a ball for pickup, etc. A robot is only as good as its drive team.

Don’t forget that scouting goes beyond the forms. Have your scouters walk around the pits and talk to all the other teams. Ask them to pitch their robot to you. Look for build quality. Does their team get along well? Are they needing to make major repairs after every match? How do they function?

These factors are not everything but should get you on your way.