Scouting Help

I am a student on team 358 from Long Island NY, this year team 358 is playing on Archimedes and is requesting help with scouting. Since we were originally wait listed for this years championship we were unable to gather the resources or the money, in time to bring our usual full team down to Atlanta, with so few people we lack enough students to scout. Is anyone interested in sharing either data, or splitting the matches to scout with our team? Any help would be great, thanks and good luck; Team 358.

I would gladly share my data with you at CMP! We use a paper/computer system for scouting, so we should be able to lend you a hand.

If you want to email me at [email protected], we could get in better contact.

If for some reason we cannot share our scouting information with you, I will contact you.

You can get basic information about any teams performance this season on my website. Just pick on “Breakaway Scout” and type in the team number.

Have you checked out 1114’s scouting database? It’s amazing.

Great help to anyone who needs scouting data.

Have you checked out 1114’s scouting database? It’s amazing

I concur…and hat’s off to them for sharing it with the world so quickly. Wonderful!