Scouting ideas besides a spreadsheet

I have currently finished my scouting spreadsheets, and am wondering if you guys have any ways for me to expand my scouting system.

Spreadsheets have been sufficient for us in years past, I’d work on refinement instead of expansion. Try and do a trial run, get the forms in front of your scout’s eyes and see what mistakes/misconceptions are made, see if there’s any metrics you forgot about, etc.

Along those lines, making your data visually appealing is always a good next step - Tableau is good for that purpose, although Excel and Google Sheets can also do that.


By spreadsheet, do you mean what the scouts will be using to collect the data, or where the data will be entered?

If its the Data collection, focus on making it easy for whoever is scouting and transcribing to easily use the sheet itself. Speeding that up and removing chances for error makes everything quicker, easier, and more accurate that will be quickly felt if you have any interest in using the data during the event (and you should.) Things like using tally marks for tracing datapoint changes with a spot to enter the final number for transcriber use is a really easy way to speed up both data collection and transcription.

For the spreadsheet itself, make it easy to look at the data. Give each row a descriptive name and look for things that are redundant or hard to track that can be removed, then figure out how you want to show the data in an understandable way. Independent of what you use to visualize the data, being able to have anyone quickly understand and explain the outputs and the raw data is the most important thing you can do.


We ran into problems last year with volume of data in spreadsheets, especially at our regionals with spotty wifi. So this year we’re looking into using pandas on the backend to store and process the data into perteamdata. However, we were running a large scouting alliance with a lot of inputs, so this may or may not be a problem for your team.

There are many ways you can visually improve the data. For example Tableau works great for this. However, the most important thing is to find better ways to use the data. Determine different ways you can organize it so you can see different patterns.

Another way to determine what you need to improve is by looking at holes in your data. Write down all of the roles you think a robot could have in this game (Ex: full field power cell cycler w/ climb, half field power cell cycler, defense and climb bot, power cell and control panel bot, feeder bot, etc.) From there you can determine if you are missing the ability to see any of these robots with the data you currently collect. An example being if you are unable to distinguish between a full field cycler and a half field cycler maybe that is something you could include.

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