scouting info from 558 & 126

hey if anyone has any contact info for teams 558 and/or 126it would be much apriciated :smiley:

WoW kyle why dont u email the team!

Perhaps the lack of contact info was the reason he could not e-mail the team? Anyways, use the ChiefDelphi PM system to send a private message to a member of said teams. It will get you a more accurate response.

thanks man

i couldn’t find anyone from either of those teams on chief delphi . . . any help lol

I just did a search on CD and I found one member from 126 on here, Andy Grady. His most recent post is in the thread “3 Questions”. You can try PM’ing him even if he’s not on right now. When he comes back on he should notice he has a message. All I did under “search” was enter “126”. This should also work for 558. Have you tried searching on FIRST’s site for these teams?

well dude u found one! im from team 126 what do yeah need? and i will talk to whoever i need to to get your information just let me or andy grady know and we will help… theres acouple more people from our team in this system… :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet, il talk to u on aim . . . now all i need is 558

try going to 558’s website maybe you can find contact info there

i already did, when i tryed to email them it sent the email back saying the address was not valid or somethin :cool: