Scouting - Join forces at Boston

Team 1100 has a scouting system that we tried out at Manchester, where it worked pretty well. We’ve made some changes, and now it should work even better at Boston. We will have a server set up, so all you need to access it will be a username/password, and a computer/nintendo ds with wireless/psp/etc. It has pit scouting and match scouting, both mostly button pressing with comment boxes to make things easy.

If anybody would like to join us in scouting, that would be great. We are a bit undermanned and lack enough scouting devices to scout all 6 at all times. Plus the more the merrier, and more accurate.

PM me, or come talk to us during the competition (you can ask for Faith or just say something about scouting) and I’ll set you up with a username/password.

I don’t currently have the system online, but I’ll try posting it somewhere soon.


I am not going to boston but I would just like to say that this is an absolutely great way to scout. Not only do you have less work, you get closer to a team and are that much closer to being picked by them if you can work together well.


We are also a little undermanned for scouting, so I will definitely mention this to my team’s scouting captain. I think he is likely to agree.

That would be great.