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Two seasons ago, my team was going to use the scouting app FRC Dragonfly for our competitions. It seemed like a pretty good app with in depth choices. We didn’t get to use it much because of the pandemic, so I’m still not sure about how good it actually was.
Either way, now that it’s been two years since the last competitions, most apps haven’t been updated, so it’s hard to tell which ones will be active for this upcoming season.
Anyone have any recommendations on apps that will be working this season? Preferably for iOS, but Android works, too.


IOS has fairly slim pickings even pre-pandemic, as Apple requires $99 yearly just to have the privilege of being an “Apple app developer”.

Ignoring that though, what exactly are you looking for the app to do? You say “in depth choices” but its kinda vague on what you mean by that. Are you looking to be able to set up as many custom fields as you want, are you hoping to have all the analysis done in the app, are you hoping to have it generate picklists for you? Are there any features from Dragonfly specifically that you want in whatever you switch to?


There’s not really any reason to use a native app. We just use an HTML/CSS/JS webpage.


Idk why I said choices there. What I meant was it had options for pit and match scouting, an easy to use interface tailored to the game, and it was easy to view the scouting data and sort by what you were looking for.
It also allowed for the creation of “teams” so that I was able to give my students a code so they could all access the same data. Overall it would’ve been great to use had there been competitions.

Here’s some screenshots:

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My team used one of those once in 2018. Once the people who created it graduated, nobody really understood how it worked or how to get the data from it, so we basically scouted mentally for an invitational.
In 2019, we used paper sheets, which created some difficulties when handwriting wasn’t legible.
Building a webpage from scratch isn’t really an option at the moment, since everyone who had programming experience has graduated.
Thats why apps seemed like the way to go.

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While our team has always created custom apps, for the preseason competition we were surprised how well you can do with just Google forms. That creates a mobile friendly form for each robot in each match. The results dump into a Google Sheet which you can manipulate there or export it to Excel or Tableau.

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If you liked the design of Dragonfly, you might hard pressed to find an alternative you like short of creating your own app. Might be best there to reach out to the dev and see if they plan on bringing it back for 2022, since you said already that the experience isint there to make that happen (and personally, its much too late to get an app going from scratch).

Otherwise, there are some options to replicate what Dragonfly had, even if its not perfect. Dale suggested using Google Forms, which is pretty simple to set up, but isint very customizable. I have also been burned before using Gforms, as it requires an internet/data connection, which isint a guarantee at events.

Instead, it might be good to look into using programs like Appsheet and EpiCollect5, both of which can store the data locally before uploading it to the spreadsheet program of your choice. Both have their own quirks and downsides (Appsheet is highly customizable but is a paid program that was bought by google during the pandemic, and EpiCollect5 is completely free but lacks basic features such as counter buttons), but I’ve used Appsheet for 2 years with great success and i know a couple people who have had good success with EpiCollect5 if you’re interested in learning more about either of those.

Otherwise, you may just have to poke around on the iOS app store and see if anything thats still around is being updated, or swap over to android if paper is truly a no-go. Theres a few different android options (none of which im really sold on personally) that likely will be updated for 2022 that may be worth looking into (Such as that Miscar app and Roblu).


Thanks for the mention!

Slight correction: our app is cross-platform and works on Android, iOS and pretty much everything else because it’s web-based (we also found out messing with play store is too cumbersome).

Our application does admittedly take some time to set up, but in return it offers a solid base taking care of offline issues, save/copy/open in case of failures, an overview and we are glad to help add features in any way we can.


Wildrank v2 if you are willing to put in the time on the various views (assuming it still works without too much effort… it’s been a few years)

… and 111 would probably be happy if I told you of the web server based version, which cares less about what hardware things are running on.


  • Proper BASE database
  • realtime stats based on what is on the tablet
  • more customization than you probably want
  • one of the best note taking apps out there


  • Initially developed in 2014-2015, last development by 111 in 2017
  • You HAVE to dig around in the guts of the code for a yearly implementation
  • Reliant (like most apps) on pulling the schedule from TBA. If this doesn’t work you’re pretty well stuck beyond notes.
  • I am not sure about getting the database into tableu… havent tried

FRC Krawler is a great app, at least in my opinion (don’t know if it’s available on iOS), with its customizability, not requiring an internet connection (!) and ability to export raw data to a CSV. I recommend doing that and pairing the data with Tableau (you get a free license in the virtual KOP) to get some great data visualization.


I’m going to do a bit of self promotion for my own team here (2521), but I would suggest Robot Scouter as an option. It is unfortunately only available on android, for reasons mentioned above, but it is extremely easy to use, and very customizable. Data can be exported and viewed in a spreadsheet, or imported into Tableau. Importing into Tableau takes a little work (Instructions here) but due to the customizable nature of Robot Scouter, I’d still recommend checking it out.

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Scouting apps are good programming exercise, usefulness not determined. It’s like weigh watching apps, stock apps, horoscope apps. It makes you feels good and it’s fun to program

Tracking the right stuff in a game is important, does the scouting app do that? Do you trust the data? What insights are gained?

Limited iOS support, but I updated KSS to support 2022. Koronis Scouting System - 2022 Update!

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My team uses Android Studios to create a scouting app for competitions. It is programmed in Java, and the IDE is free to use. We make it to fit whatever aspects the game has each year, and personalize it to look good too. It works well because we can design it to do everything that we need, and give it a user friendly UI. The information is then uploaded to a spreadsheet or data base. In the past, only 1 person worked on the app each year, but this year we have enough programmers to have an entire design team. However, the application uploads to an Android device only.