Scouting Organizer 2010

This is a program I’ve written up in C# that I would like to share with you guys. My team and I plan on using this for upcoming off-season events to help organize our scouting.

v3 - Latest



Sorry if this is in the wrong section (:yikes:), I was going to post it in “Scouting” but Programming seemed to fit it better.

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Does anyone know if it’s against any rules to carry laptops around the pit area? ::rtm::

I’ll have a new version up that has match details and other useful options you’ll need when scouting soon.

Their is no problem/rule with walking around the pits with laptops.

-I skimmed the rules for you, and banning laptops in the pits would destroy and possibility to fix programming for robots and having the driverstation with you so i’d assume first isn’t going to ban them anytime soon.::rtm::

I’m excited to take a look at your program.

I’m sure someone on my team would be willing to sacrifice a laptop for a day or two.
I just finished up the match details, and am uploading them to my webhost now.

I’m actually learning C++ and Java for the first time as of a couple weeks ago so this may seem like an easy question, but anyone know where to download a program that will allow me to open these? Maybe it’s because I just got my new MacBook Pro but I don’t have anything to open your program with!

Thanks :]

If you have a MacBook Pro, see if you have XCode pre-installed. That’s the program I know OSX includes. XCode should support all major programming languages.

I used .NET 4.0 for this.
You can get a copy here:

I’m told Windows 7 comes pre-installed with it, though.

is there a good ide to take a look at the source in win7?

Posting screen shots for those that don’t want to download and run it, yet want to see what you have would be useful.

I used Visual C# 2010 Express

Sure thing.

I can’t edit my OP?


The banner is easily changeable (even if you don’t know C#), Visual Studio’s Form GUI is extremely user friendly.

Automated scouting systems like this kind of thing aren’t a bad idea and it’s cool that you’re working on them, but I do hope you objectively scouted more than points per alliance member o.0

I agree with what Chris says about the objective scoring.

In my teams scouting program that we attempted to put together this past year we had the ability to put in other types of scoring such as human player rating, creativity, and teamwork.

Question: Are you saving all this information in a type of SQL database or sqlite database? Have you implemented an output window that makes it easy for, lets say a team captain that picking teams to list teams arranged by certain parameters?

Thanks for the suggestions- I’ll be sure to put them in soon.
And I am using C# DataSets (which are a lot like SQL, if not exactly the same). I’m not big on details, I just know how to do 'em. haha

Just a quick update, I suppose it’s better late than never… here’s to you week 6’ers, such as ourselves (but I guess it’s not TOO late for week 5, right? :P)

Specifically updated for 2011. Whole new interface, includes all information the FIRST website has (minus RS/QS).

Download Me!
[spoiler]v4 (.rar):
v4 (.zip, and wget friendly!):[/spoiler]

To install, just run setup.exe, included in the download.



I really want to implement RS/QS, but I have no idea what they mean in the competition. If someone could please explain it to me maybe I can add even more to this program. Thanks. :slight_smile:

5.3.3 Qualification Score (QS)
Qualification points are awarded to each TEAM at the completion of each qualification match and are dependant on the final score:
 Each TEAM on the winning ALLIANCE will receive two (2) qualification points.
 Each TEAM on the losing ALLIANCE will receive zero (0) qualification points.
 In the event of a tied score, all six TEAMS will receive one (1) qualification point.
The total number of qualification points earned by a TEAM throughout their qualification matches will be their qualification score.
5.3.4 Ranking Score (RS)
Each TEAM on the winning ALLIANCE will receive a number of ranking points equal to the unpenalized score (the score without any assessed penalties) of the losing ALLIANCE.
Each TEAM on the losing ALLIANCE will receive a number of ranking points equal to their final score (with any assessed penalties).
In the case of a tie, all participating TEAMS will receive a number of ranking points equal to their ALLIANCE score (with any assessed penalties).
The total number of ranking points earned by a TEAM throughout their qualification matches, divided by the number of matches played (excluding any SURROGATE matches), then truncated to two decimal places, will be their ranking score.

Teams are seeded first by QS, and ties in QS are sorted by RS.

@Bryany; thanks! I got QS working perfectly. RS is going to be a little bit harder, though.

I decided to give up on RS for now, I’m really limited on time at the moment. Here’s a version with working QS, though.

Download me- again!
v5 (.rar):
v5 (.zip, wget friendly!):

Thank you. I have been looking for a scouting application to be used for next year.

I’m sure that I will have an updated version for next years games, hopefully done before week 1. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad you guys are considering using my app!