Scouting Palooza 2022 Announcement

Scouting Palooza is back!

The Scouting Palooza 2022 is based on the 2022 FRC game, Rapid React.

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Competition Starts: October 15th
Competition Closes: November 30th

What is Scouting Palooza?

It is a competition PWNAGE hosts during the fall that challenges other teams to improve their scouting and data/computer science skills. Teams compete in various scouting challenges based on simulated scouting situations. This event was created to fill the void during a period of canceled competitions due to COVID, but now we have decided to make the event yearly due to the positive response.

Automation Direct is sponsoring it again this year! Each Award category winner will receive $250 store credit to spend as they please.

Scouting Palooza is comprised of four different Awards. Each award is designed to exercise a different aspect of your scouting efforts. Enter one or all four!

The Four Awards Are:

Innovation Award

What is innovative about how your team scouts?
How do you take scouting to the next level?

Applied Scouting Award

Given an FRC competition data set, create a pick list,
synthesize match strategy, and predict the outcome of a match.

Data Visualization Award

Visualizations bring your scouting data to life!
What can you discover from our scouting data set?

General Scouting Award

Share your insights in a series of short answer questions.

Email [email protected] with any questions or post here!


Iā€™m looking forward to our team competing this year.

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Dang, wished my scouting app would help with this competition. Looks fun though!

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One week until Scouting Palooza 2022!

Competition starts at 12:01am ET on Oct 15. Manual will be posted on our website.

Pre-register now.

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PWNAGE Scouting Team

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