[Scouting Program] FRC_Scouting_V2

I have been working on this program since June / July this year so this release means a lot to me.

What does my program do? It is a scouting program where you can input data from a nice GUI and that data will be stored to database or if you do not have access to internet at an event, it can store the data to a text file (Can be imported into the database at a later time). Once you have collected your data you can compare teams using the data in the database. There are also some small little additions to the program that allow you to look-up a teams information / website.

Where can I get a copy of the program? Github. I have put up a pre-beta onto my Github repo that allows you to test out everything except for the team match comparison page. Once I am finished with that page I will make a full release. Here is the link to the releases on Github.

What is the beta build for? The beta build is so that I can find and fix any bugs that may be in the program so that when we attend an event we do not have any unexpected problems.

Can I contributed to this? Yes, if you would like to help out send me a PM on here or on Github. You can also clone the repo HERE]

Will this be updated for each new game? I plan to continue updating this every year and I plan to make some generic events that allow you to scout any event.

I am brand new to this website so I don’t know if this is the correct place to post something like this. If this is the incorrect place could someone please direct me to the correct place or move this thread for me.

Upon my short initial inspection, I’d say this looks great. You clearly have a lot of time put into it. My only suggestion is possibly putting a scale for defense. It could be a similar to how you have the driver rating. People may say that any team can play defense. They are correct. However there is a difference between a robot that can play defense, and a robot that can play DEFENSE. Knowing that could potentially win you some key matches.

Very true, knowing the quality of the defense, and the quality of play that bot can produce is very important. For example last year I was one of the lead scouts/ team strategist that was responsible for analyzing other robots and what they could do. At the Kansas city regional we were the number 5 overall pick and me, being the representative on the field, convinced my new captain that we needed a defensive bot in order to help us win. My data said that the team we choose was a heavily defensive bot; however that bot turned out not to be as reliable as we initially thought because we didn’t have any data on the drivers, or the robots ability to actually play the game outside of just playing defense. So if you could I would also suggest that you find a way to put a general comments section on your page, so that when you are looking back over your data you can easily see that while this robot was good it had such and such problems. That way you can get very specific information to help you make the right decision on the field.

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to implement that but I don’t know if I will have time since the event is on Saturday.