Scouting Program Request

I have made a program to estimate how consistent teams are at climbing. I would like to request some scouting data from teams that went to the events. All I need is the amount of climbs a team had and the number of matches they participated in. This data will help me test my programs accuracy. I only need the climbs from day 2(Qualification Matches) of the event to test my program.

Are you wanting all qualification matches or just the first day of qualification matches?

If you are asking for the number of matches a team has played in, and the number of climbs they succesfully completed, in order to determine their consistency, are you just dividing the number of matches they played from the number of climbs??

Yes, that is what I’m doing to check my program. My program pulls from TBA to try to guess the consistency of each team’s climbing.

Here is the climb data for the Los Angeles Regional for day 1 of qualification matches (up to match 56). Hope this helps.

climb data 2017calb.csv (417 Bytes)

climb data 2017calb.csv (417 Bytes)

climb data 2017calb.csv (417 Bytes)

Thank you, this is exactly what I’m looking for, but not all the teams are on this spreadsheet. I can still use it though.

Edit: Oh, I get it now. The rest didn’t climb.
Edit 2: Looks like my program needs work, especially since my top team is 4501 and they are not even on the spreadsheet.