Scouting Resource Folder for 2020 and Beyond

Hi everyone, I’m Mohammad and I’m the lead scout for Team 834 SparTechs. During the offseason, I gathered a list of scouting/strategy resources (including white papers, videos, etc.) to work as a location for learning about scouting and strategy for my team and others. Within the folder, there are a plethora of videos, including those from 1678, 1114, and 971. In terms of white-papers, there are various PowerPoints/papers from experienced members of the FRC community regarding scouting, kickoff, and design. It is basically impossible/not worth it to watch/read all of this content, and this is meant just to serve as a central location for these resources on my team and possibly others. If your team has/knows of any helpful content that isn’t included in this list, feel free to send me the file and I will add it.

Here is the folder. Enjoy and good luck in 2020!


I want to hijack this thread to share this spreadsheet full of other scouting and strategy resources that I had a link to lying around. I don’t think it is being updated anymore, but it has some useful stuff on it.

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