Scouting Sheet Aerial Assist 3158

Hi everyone!, I’m from team TECBOT 3158.

I was searching for scouting data base, and i made my own scouting-match sheet in order to have only one for each team on a regional. Having one sheet per match and per team was too many.

What do you think?
Any recomendation?

I hope this would help other teams.
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Looks awesome!! My thoughts would be to add a line or type in each box for the match number so your scouts can keep track of this and that way if a scout misses a match, you can still compare match thoughts across different scouts. I would also add something about intake ability and ease as well as the type of shot (high gentle, low fast).

Also, in the teleoperated section, does block mean it can block others or that the robot was blocked.

This is one of the better scouting sheets I have seen yet! Great work

Looks great to me as well. My only comment is having a place for “scout name” seems like you’re going to have the same group scouting for the entire competition. My experience is that that will burn out your scouts. I’d plan to circulate people through this task and other tasks.

When it came to scouting at regionals, my team had a name spot too, simply to know who to ask if we can’t read the comments, or if someone’s giving bad data, we can pull them. My team still cycled out scouts, but it’s sort of a safety net, so to speak.

And plus, if this is only for one team, the scouts will have plenty of time to rest (if needed) between their robot’s matches. I don’t see that much of an issue with it. Heck, if you have a big enough team, you could have one person scout one robot and leave it at that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Couple of ideas: potentially add in alliance partners for the given matches? That way you could see if they were good the entire time, if they were random, if they were carried by good robots, weighted down by no-shows or dead robots.

Also, for the Teleop Location, that might be a bit confusing, given the team might switch colors, so maybe get rid of the colors, and just put in def/mid/off?

For Auto Location, you might want to just add in the Start/End positions to the list of things per match, because the robot could switch up their position due to alliance partners/strategies employed, or just trying out new code.

That’s just a few things so far, I might think of others… Overall, that idea for just one sheet per team is brilliant. Really slims down the paperwork. Just make sure the same scout doesn’t end up with 2 robots on the field at once if each scout’s assigned a number of teams. :stuck_out_tongue: Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your recommendations, the thing is that my team is from mexico and we’re going to compete on NY’s regional this year, unfurnately, not all the team crew is able to go to the regional because of the school or money issues.

I’ll look forward to make improvements so this sheet can be useful for other teams that don’t have a big scouting crew. If one scout has 2 robots or maybe 3 on field, the rest of the crew can help, because per match there will be only 6 robots on field, the thing about putting the name is because last year some people lost the sheets and give us wrong information.

Thanks Again :slight_smile:

Potentially just add a name spot above each individual match? That way you can have anyone scout the robot, and still know who did the scouting.

Are you still looking for a database ?

Any information is well recieved :slight_smile:

well here is bertha then

I hope it helps

Contact another team or a couple other teams that are also attending the same regional and see if they want to collaborate with you on scouting. If you have 3 teams, and each can offer 6 people, then you have plenty to circulate through…plus it would probably be a lot more fun. We’re going to try this at the NC regional.


I’m from 1245 the Shazbots in Colorado, and I just wanted to make sure that we are allowed to use this sheet for our scouting. We will keep your logo on it for sure! :slight_smile:



Hey Daniel

That looks great! I printed some copies for our meeting this evening.

I would suggest changing the two maps of the field so that the backgrounds are white. I am guessing that you intend the user to circle the “Auto Location”. It may also be useful to be able to write notes on the two maps.