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I was thinking instead of using pencil and paper to record all the data, why can’t we use Google Forms.With Google Forms, all of our scouts can enter data through it quickly and efficiently. And the best part about Google Forms that all responses will go to one spreadsheet all organized immediately!

I made a scouting sheet for my team this year through Google Forms. Please reply on what you think about it, what needs to be added, or what needed to be removed.

I copied the Form to Microsoft Word to avoid anyone submitting the form.

Team 3160

frc2014scout.docx (138 KB)

frc2014scout.docx (138 KB)

How will you get to the internet in the venues for the upload of data?

That is normally the holdup of most teams at events. If you plan to use any internet based system, make sure to plan to set up a hotspot for your team.

I know at least in Michigan you can’t do this. They have people walk around to find the hotspots and ask you turn it off. I heard once your team could potentially be kicked out for it, though I am not sure how accurate that is.

It wouldn’t have to be online. If you used one tablet or iPad to utilize the form, it would still organize and store all the information on the machine itself. However you have to deal with it being less efficient because its on a machine-to-machine basis.
The cloud is nice but sometimes you have to accept that its not available and revert back to other means.

Thank you for all the responses! Is there another way for scouting efficiently other than pen and paper?

Many teams have developed scouting apps for mobile devices. Another approach I’ve seen is using a local web server with computers connected via Ethernet cables. If you set the post age in further back in the display options of the Scouting sub-forum, you can find some related threads from last season:

The one way you could make your way work for you is to use them locally then during down times (breaks for lunch, etc) have them taken out to the team trailer where you can power up a hotspot away from the arena. Mobile hotspots usually have a very small radius.

Michigan though does have people wander around checking. We developed an app last year that saved the data to the ipad then when we got back to the hotel we synced them all together to our cloud. While it worked great, this year we are doing it a bit different. Either syncing via wifi to a laptop server or via bluetooth. That way we can turn on an ad hoc quick network for 30 seconds or so, do the sync then switch it off. Plan to take the laptop out into the lobby or parking lot if we have to.

I agree with the others in regard to the problem of attaining internet access. It may be efficient to have a scouting binder, at least, and then eventually add the information online at the nearest time possible, and then email copies to the team perhaps. Our team has found that a scouting binder is the way to go when it’s in paper and pencil though, since it’s easier to carry around; online is nicer in case something is lost though.

The actual scouting sheet looks good. We tend to have numbers on our sheet too- that is to say, how many times a team scores and how accurate a team is in regard to said scoring. We also have an extra details category for pit scouting, where we ask about driving experience (how long have the drivers been driving, how much they practise, if the drivers are veteran or not, etc).

Also, maybe add a diagram? We try to add a diagram of the field so that it is visually pleasing and more comprehendible to our newer scouts and clears up confusion with the directions and all that- usually the diagram is colour coded as well, to add just a little more clarity.

As well as this, maybe add the team name in addition to the team number? Sometimes, it’s easier to recognise names as opposed to numbers, and as such, is good for quick reference.

Like the others who posted before me you would have to set up a hotspot for your team if you are using any of the new technology we have. But also your sheet is really long hope you got it simplified or it might confuse people. Your team size is also depended

You can’t set up your own hotspot, if the FTA(s) will find it and tell you to turn it off. We use paper and it works great.

Teams may not set up their own 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz or 5GHz) wireless communication (e.g. access points or
ad-hoc networks) in the venue.]

The TeleOP Score Cycles jump from cycle 4 to 6 and skip 5. Don’t know if you wanna change that or not. :wink:

Additionally, section 4.15 of the Administrative Manual:

But Bluetooth doesn’t violate these rules, correct?

I’m not an expert, but Joe Ross posted about this in another thread.