Scouting Sheet

Does anybody have a good scouting sheet that they use in compition that they are willing to share with me?

If you search the white papers for “scouting” you will find lots of team scouting sheets and info from previous years. I understand your excitement to begin scouting but don’t you think it is a bit early? Since we don’t even know what the game is, it is pretty hard to see who is good at playing it. :wink:

I agree. The other thing is that there is also the “make your own” option: Set up an Excel sheet (after kickoff) with all the tasks. Weight it according to what your team needs.

I’ve got a couple around. I’ll see about getting them to you.

I used this one last year
and it is the season life saver imo for our team.

I modified it a little bit for our team but it was a good basis.

Wow that is a nice scouting sheet.

We had a excel sheet, that said the same things as this one that one^. but we don’t have a laptop, so we placed the excel sheets in folders labled with the team name and number.
I also like the idea of the picture. We had to draw our on our sheets.(bad idea)

Thank you for sharing that. I will be talking with the scouting manager.

Here is S.P.A.M.'s Poor Man’s Scouting System page. There is a link to the scouting sheet that was used last year.

I know it’s early to do scouting but i need to see if our scout sheets are good compared to others for the compition!

In regards to this scouting sheet. I would like to thank everyone who gave me complements on it and I hope it worked well for the other teams. Currently I plan on making a new one just like it for the upcoming season once the game is learned.

I also have another system that is being worked on for scouting on any java platform where you will be able to add data and see results in real time. current java platforms that it will work on:cell phones, pda’s, laptops and pretty much anything that can have java installed. Right now the plan is to host a web server which data will be uploaded to and viewed on, the idea being that people can use their cell phones to scout and drive teams can check out their opponents using their phones. This is being worked on but just like any other project there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that you want. Be sure that if it is finished I will be posting it to CD.

The scouting shett can be made for scouting before compitition because all you need to know about the other teams is the strengths, weaknesses and any other details and then add the scouting parts for the compitition

The scout sheet is good Thanks

Does anybody else have any good scouting sheets that I could look at?

I’d strongly recommend making your own. Every team has different priorities and values different things about robot strengths and weaknesses. Just going over the discussion with your scouts over what’s really important is a good excercise. You’ll usually find at competition that you’ll really only be using 4-5 actual metrics when you ended up recording 2 dozen or so. When you are making it, keep in mind that you’ve got to be able to answer questions about a team within seconds, so knowing what your team will be looking for is important.

Good luck!


Thanks but I was wondering if there is like a scout sheet that i can look at to make my own one!!

I’ll do a little schpeel on how 330 tends to scout:
Before competition: design scouting sheets for both pit and match, look at previous regionals for teams we’ll face, and make sheets for computer that have all the numbers.
Thursday: pit scout. Go around to all teams and talk to them, finding out the basics. We also take pictures, including the team number. (Note: If you refuse someone on 330 a picture, you miss out on having your robot recognized. Instead, warn them that they may need to return later.)

Friday: Match scout. 6 team members sit in the stands with scouting sheets, evalutating all the robots multiple times. During breaks, the data is fed into a computer. Friday night, all the team gathers somewhere to evaluate the data. We have pit and match sheets and make a preliminary decision on who to pick if we are in the top 8. Throw in some strategy for the next day’s matches and then pack it in.

Saturday morning: Scout all matches. Feed the pick list to the captain about 3 minutes before picking.
Saturday afternoon: use the data to plan how to win. Repeat as necessary.

Thank you

Does anybody have a scouting sheet that i can take a look at, so that i can make my own??? :slight_smile:

we run a wireless scouting server which we won an award at Waterloo for. Check out, and see gearhead crossing- Waterloo or ford first.
Go to the rank teams list for our ratings. We create some great scouting sheets which feed into our system, I do not have an example on hand but can say that we are interested in helping other teams implement the system for their regionals.

Cool Do you think you can send me last years so I could take a look at it??

Thank You. Much appreciated :smiley:

Honestly, this is probably the worst way to go, but this is what I did for IRI. (Perhaps it worked for IRI because scouting wasn’t as important as it is during regionals…) But I just took a laptop… opened up a word document… typed the team number, what the robot was specifically for (last year it would’ve been, shooting high, scoring low, defense…), what they did in autonomous if anything, how well it worked, and what they did well with a driver. Also, if they tipped easily or had anything else unique about them, I wrote that down.

I used the laptop because when I’m watching robots, my brain works a lot faster than my hand can write… I can type a lot faster, and therefore can get more down.

Again, poorly organized and not very pretty… but it worked for me.

Maybe I’m just used to being disorganized… :slight_smile: