Scouting Sheet

Wow that was very helpful… I will pas that on to my team!

we have a double tactic scouting system

first we have 6 peolpe watching the matches(one per bot) with a spread sheet with the team numbers for every team going down the side and the top has the following collums:Top Middle Bottom Camera Speed(1-5) Tip Over Aggressive Lift Bots Lift able Class Power Turn Driving Skill Removal Flags

then we have people interviewing other teams in the pits asking the following:
Team Number: __________
Class: I II III
Dimensions: ____________________
Speed (1-5): 1 2 3 4 5
Maneuverability (1-5): 1 2 3 4 5
Possible Goals: Bottom Middle Top
Main Goal: Bottom Middle Top
Has Your Robot Ever Tipped Over: Yes No
Camera Use: Find Tubes Find Lights None
Aggressive Driving: Yes No Unsure
Lift Other Bots: Yes No
Able to be lifted: Yes No
Attempt to be lifted: Yes No
Use Spoilers: Yes No
Remove Spoilers: Yes Can No
Favorite Feature:


1334 has a scouting system I set up, with some help from an Excel scoring system somone else set up. The files are here. The updated one isn’t working as of yet, but if you feel confident delving into VB, and understanding my imagination, go ahead and try to make it work. I personally like the first one more, but the second one may be more user friendly.


This is an addition to the one above…

In a few days I
ll have my scout database up on the site so anybody who wants to look at it can. Also does anybody have any pit scouting sheets I can look at??

Here’s my scouting Pit sheet:

These are the ones 662 will be using this year.
PM me if you have any questions or need any help with your scouting efforts.

Here’s my scouting Database:

Here’s all the ones team 1281 will be using

Our team uses MARRS, a scouting program that was developed by one of our team members, mike Weinand. its open to any team to use, and has proved rather effective for our team.
his chiefdelphi sn is themagic8ball