Scouting Software By Hamosad #1657

Hamosad Robotics #1657 is proud to present: 2010 Breakaway Scouting Software. After a year of development, the new software is ready and you can download it now.
The default username is: “Admin” and the default password is “1234”.
We recommend you to read the attached manual for better results.
We would like to thank the teams who took part in the beta testing of the software. Those teams have to delete their software (uninstall and delete the software’s folder) and install the new version.
The software isn’t clear off bugs and we would like you to tell us about them.
If you have any technical difficulties or questions, you can ask us via email:
[email protected], or in this thread.
You can download the software from the following links:

Win XP only:

Win 7 and XP:

Fix for Win7:
Go to the software directory (“C:\Program Files\Hamosad Robotics - 1657\FIRST Strategy”), then right click on “FIRST Strategy” and select “Run as Administer”.

Good like everyone and we will see you in the competitions!

I jsut want to encourage everyone to download this… i know i beta tested it and they have come along way making it one of the best scouting softwares out there!

team 2240 has decided to use this without a doubt! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this

Would it be alright if I upload this too a faster US website?

I wasn’t able to get it working. Whenever I run the program it immediately stops working. This might just be my copy, so I am going to redownload from another source.

I was not able to get it working from another source.

I am running Win7 Professional x64
I ran with compatibility mode and administrator mode

My hardware is definitely capable of running the program.
Intel i7, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 2x9800 GTX+, 3.5TB hard drive etc.

OMG, this is great i love you guys

I am 2nd with results of it not working in 64bit. My o.s. is 64bit vista premium…

This is an awesome piece of software. Thank you guys for developing this for everyone! This will definitely come in handy for a lot of teams including ours!:slight_smile:

I want one too:ahh:

I also can’t get it to work. Downloaded from 3 different sites. Installed on 32bit Vista. Program immediately has an issue and won’t run. Any help!

Hello for everyone!

If the software is’nt work, try to download the 3.5 Frameworks.
I will upload another Setup that include frameworks later.

Thank you all!

Would love to see a Linux version for this (though I could always check if it works in Wine, I suppose…)

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, tried all compatibility modes. Did not work

Hello again!

We uploaded another version of the Setup, in the following link:

Try it. Good Luck!

Problem is no one from our team uses W7, so we can’t actually check if anything we do is effective. It’s been tested for XP and should work well on it; so if you have XP on one of yu computers you may want to use it on that one.

After trying on Win7 - the solution found:

Go to the software directory (“C:\Program Files\Hamosad Robotics - 1657\FIRST Strategy”), then right click on “FIRST Strategy” and select “Run as Administer”.

It will work.

The software looks great, is there a way to edit the inputs you can do for each team?

The issue that I have with the data collection (and this is by no means an attack on your work) is that all of the data is qualitative. Ranking a robot on “aggressiveness” and “Accuracy” opens the doors to errors. If you have 3 different people ranking these things you will get 3 different results.

For real engineering analysis in industry which can be applied to scouting you need QUANTITATIVE inputs. Things like “how many shots taken” “how many shots made” are better inputs because now if you want to judge accuracy you can numerically combine them and it will always be right regardless of who collects the data.

For example in the qualitative method you rank accuracy 1-10

so Jane gives team 2775 a “7” in match 1, a “4” in match 2, and a “5” in match 3. This would give team 2775 an average accuracy of 5.33

In the quantitative method

team 2775 makes 4 of 5 shots in match 1 2 of 4 shots in match 2 and 3 of 6 shots in match 3.

so they have an accuracy percentage of 65%

Over many matches you can see how recording quantitative data will give you a more accurate result, which you can then compare teams with since it removes the human factor from the data.

Where were you when we needed beta testing? :wink: I’ll see if we can get around fixing this prior to week 2 events.

I am unclear as to if there is a version that will work properly on Vista? All of our XP machines we use are busy with the programmers, so they are out of the question unfortunately. seems o be a great software that will help the team!


what no support for macs? jk. macs suck. thanks for this. 1922 will be using it in boston.

amm, try the WIN7 fix, I have Vista and it working perfectly.

New version!

Click Here for download!

Before install, please uninstall the last version, and delete manually the software’s folder.
We recommend to save the team list before this action, and load it at the new version.

Added “shots” input on the “Add Match” window.
Player accuracy now on quantitative method (Thanks to Greg Needel!).

New mode for the scouting simulation - movie mode!