Scouting Spreadsheet Template For Deep Space

Here’s a scouting spreadsheet template which could be used to track team data and matches at Regionals for this year’s game Deep Space. I’ve used Heartland Regional as an example.

There’s a score tracker/calculator, individual team scouting data, and playoff simulation.

If it’s worth anything to anyone feel free to download it and make it you own. I’m no excel expert, so there’s likely a lot of things that could be done to the spreadsheet to make it more organized, efficient, prettier, etc. but it’s a start.

Good luck to all the FRC teams this season

Heartland 2019_Final_Version.xlsm (730.0 KB)


Wow that’s absolutely incredible! It puts mine to shame and I thought I was a master at excel… After I get a chance to play with it for a few hours, would you mind answering some questions? I’d love to add a playoff prediction into ours.

I can try my best to answer any questions ya got. The spreadsheet was actually pretty simple to make. There weren’t a lot of complicated formulas to use and the most difficult part was getting all the formatting right. It’s there for ya, so do whatever ya want to it. Heck, reupload the spreadsheet with any of your improvements that could make it more useful for everyone. I encourage it.

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It’s interesting that you chose to only include Individual team data, and not a page to look at it as a whole, any reason behind that? Our exell mostly includes abilitys to look at teams at specific things. So we rank every team on average high hatch, high cargo, so on. Also, I’m surprised you don’t Include a self calculating allainace selection page, I’d be happy to add one, if your interested.

Go ahead, make the changes.

I had everything summarized on one sheet like you mentioned before, but it looked very messy and crude. I figured if teams used this, they’d want to be able to look at each team individually and not have to look at everyone’s data all at once. Could be an eyesore to look at 60+ team data all at once, but I’m sure it can be done. This is merely a template with which can be further developed and improved by FRC members like yourself.

I’m not tech savvy enough but maybe someone will be able to find a way to link the spreadsheet to a scouting app that they would make. That’d be pretty neat.

Thanks so much for this sheet! I’ve been trying to figure out a system for scouting, and I think this will be a good starting place!

This sheet has some really interesting ideas, but too me it looks really cluttered

Really liking your scouting sheet. What does Mob stand for and the cycles portion during sandstorm?

Absolutely awesome!! Good job!

Awesome scouting sheet.

One question that will make me sound dumb, but

How do you input data?
I’ve been working with so many different types of spreadsheets and scouting sheets my brain doesn’t know where to go right away.

Mob = Mobility pts

Cycles = interpreted as whatever you want to be as long as its consistent (e.g. you want to track the number of cycles the robot completes from feeder station to rocket in a match, for efficiency purposes).

You will only input data in the cells NOT grayed out in the individual qualification match columns

The Totals section (freeze pane section in purple) will automatically populate with your inputs from the qualification matches