Scouting System - need Samba help

Ok I can’t give many details here, but I promise that when it’s finished, I will release it. I need some Samba help on a CENTOS server…let’s just say it has a database on it :wink: I have Samba all configured with users and a share as well as firewall access. On the Windows PC, when I go to access the share it comes up with the attached screen. No password works and I cant change the user. Is there a config file somewhere that can fix all this?



Since you are using Windows XP, make sure that you have Simple File Sharing turned off. This can be accomplished by going to any explorer window, pressing Tools, and going to the last option “Folder Options.” Once there, go to the “View” tab and scroll until you see something that says Simple File Sharing, and make sure you select “Do Not use Simple File Sharing.”

After you have done this, try reconnecting to your SMB server with the proper credentials (SERVERNAME\username for the username, and then whatever password you set).

Good Luck!

All fixed found out that the database itself cannot be used as a share in Samba, but instead has to be in a folder that is shared. All set now!

Ugh oh. New problem. When you open a database file using OOBase, it locks the file so that only you can view it. Is there a quick hack or something to make OOBase accept multiple user inputs?