Scouting Systems Survey

Hey there, I created a short survey for teams’ scouting & strategy info.
The main goal is to see what other teams use and try and find if there’s anything we could adopt.
I’m wondering what kind of scouting systems teams use, and I’d greatly appreciate any responses.


Edit: Here are some of the results gathered. Thanks to everyone for their answers!

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Will you be publishing the results of this survey, I’d be interested in seeing what other teams submit.

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Yeah, once I have a good amount of results I for sure will

I would change the input question to be check boxes because we would actually do paper scouting that we would also submit electronically. I know you could type it in other, but i’m sure other teams do this as well and it would probably make it easier to filter the results.

For the question “How much data would you say your team collects?”, the answers seem very vague at least to me, if you could clarify what you mean by each answer that would be awesome

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Yeah, I realized this after about 50 responses, however I am making sure to include these “both” in the data. However I do apologize for the inconvenience.

This question is fairly vague I agree, and making it a bit more specific probably would have been better. However I also made this quickly at 3am, so I didn’t look over much. That’s a mistake on my part, but most people have just been going with fits best.
Thanks for the comment though

Hello there,

So I’ve created some graphs and charts of the data, and figured I’d share.
Here’s the sheet with the quantitative data I found. If there’s anything you’d like to see or have me add, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks again for all of the support and your answers

I think you might want to also consider splitting up the 6-8 scouts per match interval. There is probably a big difference between teams who use 6 scouts (pretty standard) and those who use 7 or 8.

Could you make the raw data available, or at least make some way to view what people put in the text box if they chose “other”? I’m curious to see what other teams do

3D pie charts are an atrocious method of data visualization. Please never use one ever again.

Both 3D bar plots and pie charts are significantly harder to read than their 2D counterparts and offer no additional value.

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So I might have been a bit late but just submitted my answers for our team. We finally found a system that worked REALLY well for our team using Appsheet. This is the first system we’ve found extremely useful and it was really easy to learn.

3d pie charts - fine, 3d histograms - meh, but a Line Chart in place of a histogram???

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Alright so I’ve tried to update the sheet per what some of you wanted.
Also, I am no expert with GSheets. I have minimal experience, so I’m trying my best.

  • Raw Responses are now available for people to see, if there’s any problems please let me know.
  • 3D models have been converted to 2D.

Once again, let me know if there’s anything I can try and fix.

So I tried using the histogram charts when first creating this, however I couldn’t get it to show as well as I wanted. I do apologize for this, however I couldn’t figure it out.

just joking with you lol, but thanks for the changes. I’m pretty good with sheets so if you need any help hmu

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