Scouting systems

I was just wondering, how many teams have scouting systems and how complex they are. This is my first year as scouting captain and I wanted to know how i was doing in comparison to other teams.

Team 842 is using a digital scouting system this year that I developed. More details of it can be found here:

Teams have a variety of pit scout, match scout, and picklist generator systems. Some are custom proprietary or open source software (I think of the system 842 uses), some teams have generated Android or iOS apps that wither operate independently or feed into a database, and some teams work paper and pencil recording and manually input that into a database or operate just off of the paper. A great place to compare existing scouting systems and maybe try some of them out is the Chief Delphi Scouting subforum, where teams will post their scouting methods and even put their software up for download for other teams. I know 422 plans on releasing or may have already released the “Poor Man’s Scouting” tool, which is a paper record that can be transposed into an excel spreadsheet. Try mock scouting a webcast event this weekend with a tool that already exists and fine tune it to your needs afterwards, or try something totally different.

Team 2410 is using an Android/Computer Based Scouting System. The Original thread can be found here:

Some of the answers overlap. You can make polls that allow multiple options.

Team 955 is using a computer scouting system made in Java in Netbeans. We’re gonna have 6 controllers hooked up to one laptop for the keyboard input.