Scouting Table Outside of Pits


Hello everyone, our team is developing a new scouting system next year based off of one we have observed, where we setup a table with our head scout and one other data manager who is in charge of scanning Scranton sheets and uploading the data to an app. We were wondering if people who have had a setup like this have encountered issues with their table or if most event coordinators are ok with it. Alternatively, we were thinking of setting it up in the cafeteria if needed.

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I don’t know myself, because I’m not on their team, but I know at the St Joeseph District Event, and presumably every other event they go to, the Enginerds (2337) set up a table just outside the pits and do data analysis there.


The Robohawks 346 uses a system like you describe. I suggest you bring your own table and chairs. Have battery capability and keep the distance from the scouts to the table at a minimum. Before setting up verify the location is acceptable with the FTA.
Our goal is to bring the scout table to the stands, eliminating the table of course. This resolves the concern of having a “runner” and allows the data input persons to be “at” the event.


For St Joe I dont believe we did, but Marrysville and State we set up a table and had somebody inputting data. State we were fortunate enough to be on Ford and have a little hidden cubby behind our pit to set the scouters up with, but in Marrysville, they were just at the end of a dead end hall. We use tethered hotspots to get internet, we bring our own table and chairs and all we need then is an outlet (which laptops are battery powered so they’ll last so long).


I know at some events our Team (2337), especially this year we had some trouble with scouting table setup as there were various issues of places where you can’t setup, etc. Just make sure to check in with all the event coordinators/staff so they are on the same page about giving you the approval