SCOUTING TEAMS 677 and 830

I need scouting information from both team 677 and 830. I am from team 191. THANK YOU

Our robot is 129.8 lbs. I was on the suction team so I don’t know much about the controls configurations, but we use a continuously variable transmission with 3 motors connected to run it. Our memorable wings are powered by 3 pneumatics: two to unfold the wings down from the sides, and one small center pneumatic to send the wings all the way down so that the suction cups slap down and become able to be activated. I think we are getting rid of the suction cups in Houston, but they were powered with window lift motors. the motors used a u-bolt to tension a bicycle brake cable. The cable runs along the wing extrusion to the suction cups, where it is connected to the inside of the rubber face of the actual cup. It pulls up on the rubber, which in turn activates the suction. However, we think that in order to increase our chain size (right now it’s really small; I forget the size) we are going to take the suction mechanism off (we need the weight) and replace it with a plate of sticky tread. I have yet to communicate with Andrew about how we are going to do this, but if you’re going to Houston you’ll see it. I think Alex is also going to answer this thread @ some point, and she will give more controls information as she was on controls. If you have any more questions about the feature stuff, feel free to email me @ [email protected]. :smiley:

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Anyhoo, yes, we are getting rid of the suction cups so that part doesn’t apply. We’re getting thicker chain for the drive train because it kept breaking; in two of our matches in Cleveland we lost a couple of chains. So we couldn’t turn. So we lost matches…

The suction cups will be replaced with sticky pads because they worked well if someone was trying to pull us up off the ground (which didn’t happen), but not at all when we were being pushed sideways. They’ll just be pressed down onto the HDPE.

Our autonomous code wasn’t working well in Cleveland, but it’s being tweaked now so it should work at nationals. It’s dead reckoning.

We have large black fabric wings; I believe they’re approx. 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall, with extrusion wings that fold down horizontally, close to the ground, and it’s about 7 feet wide when the wings are dropped. We can get 5/6 rows of boxes with those.

Our bot is a King of the Hill; it has very good traction- even with those suction cups and nothing else we held our ground pretty firmly. In fact, the only “problem” we ever had with that was being too strong for our own good- we’d push our opponents off and then have to back up again, but that’s not really a problem.

Our drive train is powered by 2 Chips, with a fisher-price (just one, I think) helping out with the continuously variable transmission.

You can get match information at various places on the net; some people have already posted links, which should be easy to find. If you need anything else, email Froshman (that one who just posted) and either she or I will get the information for you. Good luck!

Our robot has 4 wheel drive (CIM motors in the back, drills in low gear in the front). Our autonomous code is dead reckoning, and we’re very happy with it at the moment - every time we crash part of the stack. At Cleveland, we ditched our stacking mechanism, which was originally designed to do this:

We plan on modifying our arm/lift on Thursday at Great Lakes so we do this:

Hope that helps. If you’d like more pictures/video/whatever, just let me know ([email protected]). Good luck with the rest of your scouting!

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