Scouting Video/Feed

Alright, I know a lot of people have been needing/wanting video feed from competitions to get a head start on scouting for the Championship Event. In fact, I have found a few threads asking about videos. So, I decided to post a new thread for that purpose.
This thread is for anyone whom is looking for video for scouting. Or if you have video from 2006 regionals, I ask you to please post it here for everyone.
I know that my team has gotten video feed from a few different competitions through S.O.A.P.
S.O.A.P. is a program that 108 devised to encode video from competitions so that people can look at the robots from that(those) day(s).
S.O.A.P. stands for SigmaC@T Opponent Analysis Program.
This link]( has feed from the Florida, Boston, Boilermaker, Philadelphia, Virgina, and Palmetto regionals this year.
And if you navigate around the site, you can find videos from previous years.

Again, this thread is for anyone whom has video feed from other regionals, to post up to help everyone out. So if you do have video feed, please post it up or PM me and I can add it to this thread.

  1. Post it the URL here or post it as a hyperlink.
  2. If you don’t know how to do a hyperlink, then PM me, and I will post it for you, if you have not posted the URL.
  3. When you post it, please include your team number and/or name so that everyone gets the correct credentials.
  4. If you need video for regionals, then just follow the links.

Thank guys(and girls)! And please, enjoy.
-Vic Burg

I have a video recording of the Israeli regional. The video is intended to be uploaded to SOAP. The problem is it is a lot of work and very time consuming, right in time for final exams for us in Israel. Most likely I will not finish all the videos in time for Atlanta, but I hope that at least I will be able to post some of the videos.


Well, David, I hope you do goo don your your exams.
Everyone over there, really.
But, I also hope that doing the video feed(which is very appreciated) doesn’t take up too much study time.
And thank you, David for the feed in advance.

(Considering that I will sanctify everyone whom does have video feed, and no one else has posted yet, I kind of have to break the ‘no posting unless 5 or more people have’ rule.)

here is some video I posted from Waterloo:

from the camera’s of 610 :).

Basically all videos mentioned above plus more regionals.

All files are copied from other sites, ie wildstang (111) and soap (108) and xcats (191)

If anyone else has video and would like it mirrored or would allow me to mirror it please PM me, I would like to have every video from now on mirrored to one location.

-Mike Aalderink
Team 1654


Thank you, Jonathan and Mike for posting up some links for everyone.
Mike, as for the mirroring, you would have to ask each team individually, but that sounds like a great idea! Hope we can get a database or something similar to that.


When will the Philly Regional videos be up!

this are 4 videos from the Israeli regional, I don’t find it all that good for scouting since the camera angle never shows the entire playing field but maybe you can
4 teams are coming to the championship from israel so this might help you there:

The rest of the videos will be uploaded soon

Thank you, David and Nimmy for the Israel videos. I know that in the division my team is in, we have 2 of the teams so, I know my guys will appreciate this, along with everyone else!

Freddy, as for Philly regional, the SOAP guys must still be either encoding the feed or waiting for another team to submit it. As you can see, we have other teams submit it to our site so that it is completely accessible to anyone. But, I will check on that status for you!

Thanks about, Nimmy and David.

Did SOAP die? The site isn’t loading for me…I’m getting a 404 error.

Same with me :frowning:

Here is some new video from GTR. I have 610’s last 3 Qualification matches + round 1 and 2 action. There is some amazing footage of not only us but also 703, 48, 229, 217, 4, 772, 296, 1305, etc.

Bonus: I even have footage of the now famous SF 1.1 where 217, 229, 4 beat 1114, 1503, 865.

Playlist can be found here:

edit: all up now :).

Seems interesting, works. gives not site configured.
therefor, a situation where the mirror, my team’s site will come in handy. I have nearly all files mirrored.


Still, thank you Mike for mirroring everything but, you must have /2006/movies after otherwise it says unconfigured. I do not know why but, that is what it is doing. More videos uploaded are: Isreal, Midwest, and Wisconsin regionals. Check it out!

seems there is a fairly big/intersting error in your apache config.

if you only do it still comes up with error.

if you do it does work.

You may wish to contact randy and see if their server is having a problem.