Scouting VRBO and Air-bnbs available close to George Brown Convention Center

Any teams close to Houston area, we are looking for housing options, as hotels are full at this point. Staying in a VRBO or Airbnb that would hold about 25 people would be desirable, but we aren’t sure which parts of town/traffic to avoid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I generally agree with the top 5 dangerous places on this list.

  1. Sunnyside
  2. MacGregor
  3. Sharpstown
  4. Greenspoint
  5. Far North

The other bottom 5 places on that list are not as dangerous as this article claims, especially Sugar Land.


Have you tried booking through the many travel and hotel booking websites or directly through hotel websites? The system used by FIRST doesn’t cover all hotels in the Houston area.

You can also use Google maps on a computer (not a mobile device) to search for hotels in the area around the GRB.

Use Google Maps on a computer (not mobile device) to check the travel times in the mornings (based on historical data). Most hotels are along major highways and all of the routes leading to the area around the GRB are pretty congested and slow in the mornings on weekdays.

IDK on places that hold that large amount or what your transportation situation is, but something I would recommend is booking something close(ish) to a light rail line. That’s what we are doing for FUN and I got a very nice 3 story 3 bedroom house on airbnb for less than the cost of 1 hotel room near light rail that’s not too far away from GRB.


Houston’s light rail is actually very good and gets pretty close to the GRB!


If there are teams who already have pre-booked hotels for champs and found out that they could not attend, they should try to directly contact other teams who has qualified and will attend the event and try to transfer it over to them if they can.

If they cancel, costs may increase for other people and those spots could potentially be taken by people attending the nearby concert occurring around the same time.


Avoid the galleria area. It’s nice but traffic is terrible. I’d generally look for something along IH 10 west (Katy freeway). Assuming you booked a passenger van it should be relatively easy to drive in.

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Thank you for this tip!

I want to thank everyone for this info. Thank you for your generosity, and taking the time to point us in the right direction!

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This advice only holds true if you booked independently (NOT through FIRST rates).

If you booked with FIRST, as soon as you know you’re not going, you should absolutely cancel your reservation. There are professional travel agents that handle the cancelations and waitlists. They are able to most equitably and efficiently reallocate rooms to those who need them. There is some jigsaw puzzling that we’re not privy to (e.g. maybe you have 5 rooms that you’re ready to cancel and someone else just canceled another 5 rooms – the travel agents can combine these for a team that’s been long waiting for 10 rooms).

And, regarding the rates, if you book with FIRST those rates are locked in and shouldn’t go up closer to the event if there is still (or again) availability.

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