team 2950 is looking for a new way to scout for the Texas Robo Roundup. We were wondering what are some way that you guys use to scout and have they been successful in the past.

  1. Blue Alliance Videos
  2. Cowscout for stats.
  3. Google Docs to tie the information together. (i.e. IRI spreadsheet)

We used Nexus 7 tablets this year with a custom app that was a collaboration between us(2826) and 93. 93 created an app last year for Rebound Rumble and I helped them create one for this year.

We used paper scouting sheets which we inputted into an excel database which ranked the team and had other features like match prediction.

Team 20 uses paper scouting sheets found here:
We then input that data into an excel program to assist with statistics, match prediction, pick lists, and strategy.

This is a good resource on paper scouting sheets.

We ramped up our scouting this year and used a system similar to SPAMs, it worked very well for us at all three of our events this year.

If you want I can talk to you about the system at Round Up. I’m not sure we’ll be fully implementing since we have a small team going.

We have to second the SPAM system. We used it as a guide and tweeked the form for our tournaments.

We partnered with FRC20 at Championships and wil do so again at IRI.

We would be willing to share our thoughts at TRR with Spectrum if you would like.

Scouting is a hard job to do but it is so important to a team. You need students who take ownership of this process.

We at 3138 wrote an HTML5 webapp, the “Innovators Predictive Analytics Scouting System” (IPA). This is designed to go beyond the usual “picklist” system many teams use their scouting data for, and into per-match strategy. Our, and other teams’, drive team[s] were able to not only change personal strategy to be more effective for the upcoming matches, but collaborate with the alliance to sometimes change the predicted outcome of the matches entirely. The data is also open to anyone with the URL, so it’s not limited to helping our team and alliances: folks were dropping by our pit constantly at Worlds to check on their stats.

I am the client-side developer of this system and would be more than willing to explain this in more detail if needed. I could also work with you to set it up for your event, if you wished. (As a matter of fact, we’re already using it for an event 3138 is not competing in: we’re sending some folks over to IRI this week to use the system and demo for a few teams that may be interested in seeing it in use).

For now, though, feel free to read the thread here: