To Scouting Captains

For this year’s Build Season, I had developed an Android Scouting Application, capable of storing Scouting information within a CSV file, which we could import, and open with Excel, and analyze with other developed software (we used an open source statistical programming language called R)


I am open sourcing, and uploading the Android code to OneDrive for the FIRST community. I want teams to use the code to help them with their Scouting Solutions. This includes using the application without any changes, changing the code to better fit your team’s requirements, or using the code merely as a reference on how to use Android Studio, and develop an application.

I am going to continue developing the code personally, and will release a new version for each year’s game (and for any bugs, glitches, fixes, or new features I wish to add). So if you do not have the recourses to alter the application, and just need a quick solution to throw on some tablets, then I’m your source.

Also, if you do alter the application, or for any reason wish to share something you had done with it, feel free to share it on this site, or any other site you find necessary. I just request that you give credits to Buzz Robotics 175, for that’s my team, and to inform me, so I may check it out, and see what you did. For I want this project to become an amazing open source project for the FIRST community, to bring digital, and efficient Scouting solutions to all teams.

Link to Application Software Download
(Its a zipped up Android Studio Project file)

For any questions, comments, or concerns, here is my email, I will answer them as soon as possible!
Email: [email protected]