Hey Guys!

What program do you guys use such that all data is one place? During competition what program do your scouters input data into such that all of it is in one workbook?


Our plan is to create a Google Form.
This would allow our scouting team to use their phones and keep everything up to date.

The results can be opened as a spreadsheet. This will allow sorting and scoring the data.

On 2791, we use a paper sheet to Excel workflow. We have a couple people enter data from the sheets into the spreadsheet as they come in, and all the analytics and visualization happens in Excel.

It’s reliable and my philosophy is that if it’s good enough for 1114, it’s good enough for me.

Our team uses our RoboRecon web app. Our scouters use their own phones, laptops, or tablets. This thread also discusses a lot of digital options for scouting that teams use.


We avoid electronic scouting. We have tried it but we are unable to pull data for match to match analysis fast enough when it is tied up being ‘updated’. We do update an excel sheet to get data for elimination selections… but that is as tech as we get. Paper and pencil never fails.

Hmm… but that requires wifi, right?
Unfortunately I don’t think we will have wifi. Any ideas?

We will see you at Gilbraltar… we are happy to share our process with you. Also, we are happy to show you our system at the event.

PM me if you want to chat further.

In the past Excel , pads, pen and highlighters. The thing we share each day are watch lists.

We usually have several key metrics we track each game the highlights are usually telling visually quickly reviewing the sheets, looking for matches between scouts. In each game there are performance metrics, we track those for elimination partner possibilities (in case we get there) and look for teams that help us (even if we don’t rank high we know we are a good fit for some). Also helps our alliance as to how to defend others coming up and slow their cycles and their tendencies… so we watch all friendlies and foes (sometimes they switch roles) and ahead of our matches with them also previous games video on all the field. So we know what they do. Excel helps to identify watch lists. Then we split the workload… friends, foes, day 2 “helpers”.

Second day foes/friendlies and Day 1 will help us list + any missed number outliers 28 deep…pretty good detailed list in day 2 we use or share if needed…lots of match watching focused on a few bots per match.

Since April of 2017, we have used an Android app for scouting, since we found paper scouting to be ineffective for our needs. We dumped our data into a CSV file, which we then copied into a Google spreadsheet. This was an incredibly useful way to visualize data, and helped us create the most accurate picklists given our data set. If you want to see one of these spreadsheets, I have spreadsheets for the MN North Star Regional, the Carson Division, and all of the Minnesota off-seasons (except NMNRC), and I am a PM away.

In terms of what we had on our Steamworks app, in our auto section, we had a checkbox for gear placement, and a bar where you add a point for each fuel point scored. For our teleop section, we had the same bar for both fuel and gears scored and a timer for how fast a robot climbed, in addition to a checkbox for if the team climbed. We also had a comments section and a slider for if the team played defense. Our Power Up app is currently in development. If you want to know more or need help with an electronic scouting system, let me know.

I personally recommend a local app for a phone. The app just has to save the data to a CSV file that can be extracted to an excel spreadsheet. Every few matches, especially before your team’s matches for strategies, just take the CSV files off the phones. The app just has to save to a file, and when saving, have the append option set to true, so it adds to the file. If you use a CSV file, make your life easy, filter out commas and newline characters from the use inputted comments, and automatically create a new line for each match. In addition, make sure to delete the old data from the phones, you don’t want duplicate data.

You can find some cheap $30 phones on Amazon. If you do decide to use those phones take note of this. Those phones, and other phones, you can’t always see the file depending on where it is saved, so you will need to install a file manager app to move it to a place where it can be seen.

If you can’t do the phone app for some reason, and you are doing it with paper, heed this warning. You don’t have to collect everything, and the more you try to collect, the more people inputting the data into spreadsheets you need. Another warning: make sure you have enough people to be inputting data at competitions, in FTC, I inputted data for scouting half of the 4 robots in each match, and I was still too slow.

To actually address your question for paper & pencil scouting, just have each scout have a copy of the column names for each data point, and have them inputting it as the data comes in, and when you need to compile the data say for a match planning sheet, or alliance selection, use a USB to put it on the head scout’s laptop, then copy the data from one sheet to another.