Do’s any team do any scouting before they leave for a compition?
If so can you tell me how you got your information?

We began scouting way before our first competition. We mainly used the websites. Although the descriptions of robots are just saying what they can do best, a picture can say alot. We can use them to determine the drive and also the main capabilities of the robot(ball grabber, goal pusher, etc.). These pictures help when we go to the competition because we put them on our scouting It is always easier to recogize a robot by its appearance than know its number.

Now that we have gone to a couple of regionals, scouting for nationals is half done. We have seen what robots can d though webcasts and also the posts of others on Chief Delphi. You cannot competely trust all the information until you see the robot itself, but it gives you a great start

thanks for the help.

i find pictures from the photogallery here and by visiting other teams websites. if i can’t find info or pictures on the robot, i mail someone from that team requesting the information. it’s nice to talk to other teams over robot abilities.

FIRSTROBOTICS.NET, a great site for pictures, constantly being updated. Total stands at 238 as of right now.

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**Do’s any team do any scouting before they leave for a compition?
If so can you tell me how you got your information? **

Once divisional assignments are announced you may want to do a few TeamNumber queries at


Team 237 under my supervision will be holding a scouing alliance at UTC. Any teams are welcome. Teams already in the aliance include 38, 173 and possible others from other years. Contact me at the regional for more information.

We usually look through, look at team web pages, and email team members we find through cd. if you’re scouting for nats, here’s an excel sheet that may be of help to you- GRT does pretty good scouting, and here’s info on all the teams that were at the Silicon Valley Regional.

Caroline Conley
Gunn Robotics, #192

sj info spreadsheet.xls (32.5 KB)

sj info spreadsheet.xls (32.5 KB)

I’d just like to give a heads-up to everyone downloading the spreadsheet that Caroline posted… Be warned that a LOT of the categories changed from round to round (i.e. reliability stuff). If there’s any questions about the information in there, you can PM me Caroline’s really busy, and I’ll be happy to get back to you :slight_smile: hopefully, I’ll be able to help you out.