Website Update!

Hello CD, we are the ScoutingFRC team from this thread. We are proud to announce that verson 0.2.0 of is live! We looked at the suggestions from the previous thread and implemented them with our own ideas for THE definitive FRC Scouting website.
Now onto the exciting part, Features!

Fast load times(currently <20 sec for initial load and <5 cached reload on slow 3G)
Google sign-in(we will leave storing passwords to the big boys)
Easy to use Scouting UI
Integrated match timer for data timestamps

To Be Done by Week 6
Look up live team stats
Download CSV
Offline Capabilities

Thanks for your time and if you have and questions you can reach us at [email protected], put an issue in our Github page, or post in this thread.

For Auto you have “High switch” as options what do you mean by this is it supposed to be Scale?

Whoops:yikes: Yes that is supposed to be scale! Thanks!