ScoutingPASS 2023 Season Update is now LIVE!


Great idea! (Why didn’t we think of that?! :crazy_face:)

Pull the latest code to be able to link the cycle timer to the Feed Count. The demo has been updated as well.

The Cycle Timer is only attached to the + button. We don’t think it makes sense for the - button.

Thanks for the input. We love ideas that come from other teams.

I purchased that Lenovo on Amazon and just tried it today. It’s extremely slow, which makes sense because it’s only 4 GB of RAM. The big downside is that I can’t get the scanner to work on it. We’ll be using the scanner with ScoutingPASS excel file, but the Lenovo simply won’t recognize the input. The scanner works fine on everything else, but not this computer. I’ll likely return the computer.

Thanks for letting us know. If you get something to work, could you let us know. Did you get the Windows 10 or 11 version?

I bought the Windows 10 version, but I don’t think Windows 11 would’ve been much better. The whole thing is extremely slow.

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ScoutingPASS has been updated again!

This time we’ve included a Pit Scouting option. The Excel spreadsheet and VBA functions have been updated to work with the Pit Scouting input.

We also included DaBushinator’s idea to link the counters with the Cycle Timers. Now you can automatically record cycle times with the counter element.

Check out the latest version: Release 2023.5

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Hello! I have the exact same issue, did you ever find the solution?

Hello, our team has been having a hard time with the google sheets. We are trying to use excel using our phones as scanners and are at a loss. Is there more we can do to make google sheets work? Has there been any teams who had success using google sheets? We really love your app and want to use it this season. Thank you :slight_smile:

Quick question this is my first time using something like this but I was wondering how data gets entered into the excel sheets. Currently I am hosting the website on my macbook so would I need to scan the qr codes on my macbook for it to get entered into the excel sheets? Great app by the way assuming we can get it to work.

Yes, within one of their excel templates is a QR scanner macro. You click the macro button, then you can either enter the QR data manually, or use a scanner connected to your computer to auto input the data string. This can all be viewed in the “How we scout” section of their GitHub page for ScoutingPASS.

Good news! After a long debugging session tonight we finally found the problem. The Google Script code is not correct. In order to fix this issues change the following line:

    return header === 'Date' ? new Date() : e.parameter[header].join(",")


    return header === 'Date' ? new Date() : e.parameter[header]

(remove the .join(“,”) at the end.)

You’ll need to redeploy the code.

Please let us know if that solves your issues.

Thanks for the assistance just once more question so i’ve opened up the file on vscode and I need to download a debuger as well to run it is there any other way to run it?

Actually I think a better question is how do you open the qr code macro

In the GitHub repo in the Excel directory is a file called 2023 Excel Skeleton.xlsm.

That spreadsheet has a button that is tied to the QR code reading macro. The macro will open up an input pop up. Scan the QR code and the data will be copied into the input field. The macro will then take the input from the scanner, parse it and paste it into the “Match Scouting Data” sheet.

If you just want the macro code it is in the QRReader.bas VB file in the same directory.

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Thank you so much! I think i’ve almost got it I’m just a bit confused on how the macro works as i’m inputing data but it says that it cannot create an object and run time error 429. I’m currently manually entering in data is that why its happening?

Try running your version of the scouting web app on the same computer as your Excel sheet.

Scout a match on the App and go to the QR code page. There’s a “Copy Data” button. It will copy the input to your clipboard.

Then go to Excel, start the macro, and paste the data (from the clipboard) into the input field. It should process without a problem.

Remember, if you modify your configuration, you’ll need to modify the macro so that the fields match up between the two.

I ran the scouting application thta I am currently hosting on GitHub pages and I am pasting it into the excel macro but it gives me the same error.

We had some issues running the macros on OSX devices (assuming 429 is the cannot create activeX object error), which means my best guess is that VBA doesn’t really like certain OSX devices.

We ended up just forcing our scouts to only run the spreadsheet on a Windows computer.

Oh so its better to run this application on windows computer? Right now I am using a macbook to run the application

The excel spreadsheet portion yes. The web application can run on any device with a web browser.

Good luck to all our ScoutingPASS teams going into Week 1!

We’ve had a few instances of the TBA integration not working because the event code was entered with capital letters. Event codes need to be all lowercase. A bug fix will be issued shortly.