ScoutingPASS 2023 Season Update is now LIVE!

I ran the scouting application thta I am currently hosting on GitHub pages and I am pasting it into the excel macro but it gives me the same error.

We had some issues running the macros on OSX devices (assuming 429 is the cannot create activeX object error), which means my best guess is that VBA doesn’t really like certain OSX devices.

We ended up just forcing our scouts to only run the spreadsheet on a Windows computer.

Oh so its better to run this application on windows computer? Right now I am using a macbook to run the application

The excel spreadsheet portion yes. The web application can run on any device with a web browser.

Good luck to all our ScoutingPASS teams going into Week 1!

We’ve had a few instances of the TBA integration not working because the event code was entered with capital letters. Event codes need to be all lowercase. A bug fix will be issued shortly.

A big thank you to PWNAGE for sharing your scouting program with everyone!! It inspired Fondy Fire to share our data analysis spreadsheet. We’ll be scouting with ScoutingPASS this year, so we formatted our spreadsheet to work with the ScoutingPASS data output.

Here’s the link to the post that contains info about the spreadsheet and how to download it.

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Thanks to everyone who helped me set up the app! It worked to great success and made scouting feel so much more easier and faster than when doing it on paper!

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another question, can you change the text that shows up on excel? for example, the match level column displays “qm” for quals, or the driver effectiveness just does one letter. Is there a way that you can change the config on github to display (for example) “quals” or “finals” or “very effective” when you input QR codes?
Tried to change some config settings, but I have no clue how javascript, css or html work and ended up breaking the website lol :melting_face:

We use abbreviations whenever possible to keep the QR code size reasonable and easily read by the scanner.

You can use Excel to expand those fields if you’d like. Create a new column in the Match Scouting Data table, like “matchLevelStr” and enter in this formula:

=IF([@matchLevel]=“qm”, “quals”, IF([@matchLevel]=“f”, “finals”, IF([@matchLevel]=“de”, “double elimination”, “other”)))

You can do the same with any of the other fields. We usually turn driver skill into a number, “driverSkillMetric”

=IF([@driverSkill]=“n”, 0, IF([@driverSkill]=“a”, 5, IF([@driverSkill]=“v”, 10,“”)))

I hope that helps.

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Very cool, thank you!

If you’re using the Fondy Fire Scouting Analysis Spreadsheet with PWNAGE ScoutingPASS app, please note that I updated the spreadsheets to incorporate the new column PWNAGE added to the Pit Scouting section (Number of Batteries.)

Original files are here:

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This is version 3 of the Fondy Fire Scouting Analysis Spreadsheet. It was updated today (3/19/2023) to match the revisions made by PWNAGE on github this weekend.

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I got annoyed at the size limit of the base VBA inputBox (which cuts off after 254 characters) so I ended up implementing my own custom dialog, which also has the bonus of keeping track of itself how many times it has been open for a match (so you only call it once to scan 6 times or until you click the cancel button or OK with no input). Otherwise we were running into the issue where depending on the match we were losing things like comments off the end.

We literally just created a ticket on this yesterday.

Would you care to share your changes? We’d love to incorporate this into our system.

Sure, let me see if I can isolate the commit that those changes are on. Otherwise I’ll just send the excel file to you in the issue.

Our team is having issue using the scanner in Excel. When you copy/paste the data string straight into the macro, it works perfectly (distributes the data into the right row and column). When you scan the QR code generated by the app, it displays this Error (Run-time error ‘9’ : Subscript out of range). I decoded the QR code and compared it to the data string generated at the bottom of the page and no surprise, they were exactly the same. When I debugged the macro, it showed that the error was on this line of code [newrow.Range(table.ListColumns(str).Index) = data(str)]. We are using the exact same scanner PWNAGE is using. How should I proceed? Thank you!

I had the exact same issue this weekend with the macro erroring out at the same line of code you referenced. Run time error 9. However, there’s not actually anything wrong with the macro or the excel file. The issue is that the scanner isn’t communicating well with the computer. I did A LOT of testing over the weekend to determine it was a scanner issue. (I was using the scanner that PWNAGE mentioned on Github.)

My desktop ran the scanner fine via USB cord, but when trying it with the laptop, the macro errored out. After lots of checking, I determined the USB cord seems to slow things down. When I switched to the bluetooth method, the macro worked okay. However, it still ran very slow and I don’t quite trust it, so I ordered three new scanners over the weekend and tested them last night.

Here’s my review of the new scanners. The first two on my list totally solved the problem. Plus, the Bluetooth plug is conveniently small in the first two listed.

This one worked the best for me. It’s snappy and has a very small bluetooth plug, which is nice. It also worked using USB cord and didn’t cause any macro errors. I recommend using Bluetooth, because it responds quickly, and it has a long range.

This worked almost as good as the one above (wasn’t quite as snappy as the first one). It also has a very small bluetooth plug. It worked using USB cord, but I recommend using bluetooth. I’ll be bringing both of these first two scanners to the competition.

This is the one PWNAGE uses. Scott from PWNAGE told me it has worked great for them for many years. However, as I mentioned above, it did not work at all on my laptop using USB cord. It did work using bluetooth, but the transfer rate was very slow. Also, the Bluetooth plug is very large compared to the ones above.

This had lots of great reviews on Amazon, but it was VERY unresponsive. I had to scan many times with many angles just to get it to work. I’m returning it.

I hope that helps!

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Hi, 8177 programmer here. I’ve been trying to download your app on a Kindle Fire 7, and whenever I try to open it, there’s some resource not found error. Have you seen this error before, and if so, do you have any idea how to fix it? (Also, how are you saving the webpages locally?)

ScoutingPASS is basically a web page. It’s not an app.

Have you tried loading it into your browser?

Hey y’all! We used the app at Rocket City and absolutely loved it (but we missed out scouting buddies!). Will you be updating the app based for world’s based on the new super charged rule? Can’t wait to see you there!