ScoutingPASS n Houston!

Attention ScoutingPASS teams:

I hope everyone had a great season so far!

Who’s going to Houston?

PWNAGE is excited to meet many teams we have never met before in Houston. But, we are especially excited to meet those teams using ScoutingPASS!

Let us know you’ll be there and we’ll look and cheer for you in Houston. Even if you’re not going to Houston let us know and we will root for you in future competitions!


2637 loves ScoutingPASS! We’ve used it at all our regionals this year and look forward to meeting you guys in Houston.


From what I hear our Strategy Lead has cooked up a little surprise for 10 ScoutingPASS teams in Houston. We can’t find you unless we know who you are!


I let our scouting leads know and if we make it to Houston they would love to meet up!

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