ScoutMojo: Ultimate Ascent

I am rushing to polish this and get it out to teams. So I’ll be adding more documentation in the upcoming days.

This program is a scouting program for the FRC FIRST 2013 challenge. It’s programmed in Java, so it will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The whole program was tailored around our team’s (Team 1876) scouting techniques.

There is some more info on the GitHub page, which I’ll be updating often.

Here is a album of the program.

Here’s a quick rundown of the program.
Each team has a profile. A scout can modify the team’s performance rating and specifications as well as upload images. All information is auto-saved. It has a syncing feature which is designed to sync data across multiple clients while offline.

This program isn’t meant to track w/l or seeding, because I and our scout didn’t find that ratio relevant to a robot’s performance. BUT, the program is completely opensource, so it is possible to add a w/l tracking ratio.

Post questions here, email me ([email protected]), or tweet me (@AndrewGRowles).

Andrew, this program is great! I had one question for you: Is there a way for us to use it on an android-powered tablet? Or even an iPad?

Vishnu Nagaraj
Scouting, Team 3624 HHH Thundercolts

There is a way to run jars on android, but I doubt it would work. I was considering doing an android version. I don’t think I can given the current time restraint. I’ll do some research on running jars on android.

Thanks for the help! If we cannot get the program on our tablets is there a way to use this on 6 different computers and eventually transfer all the data to one main computer?

Yes and no. I am still in the process of testing and tweaking the synchronization feature. I’ll be making updates and pushing them to the github. So to prevent data loss be sure you are using the latest version.

I never designed this program to sync more than 3 clients, but it should work. Also be sure you are using the permission system, because that does impact syncing. I’ll do some testing tonight.

Edit: as long as you have a system that minimizes data conflictions it will work with 6 clients.

When I run ScoutMojo.jar nothing happens :confused:

Did you set up the user? Go to the directory the program created. And open user.txt. the first line is the user name and second line enter 5. Did you read the readme on github?

Yeah I did that, except I put Admin instead of 5 :stuck_out_tongue: My bad lol. And the program is pretty sleek too, thanks for releasing it to the community :slight_smile:

Amazing job! I really like the layout of your program. However, this seems to omit one thing, Match Scouting.

Have you thought about using this application for match scouting, where we could record the scores of a given robot at a given match, so that we will be more informed when selecting potential alliances?

Also (since I am not great at Java), is there a simple way to add criteria to the “Performance” tab so that we can track a greater amount of data?

Overall, amazing application and I look forward to bringing it up to our head scouter.

Our head scout doesn’t consider how much a robot scores per match, because there are too many variables in random alliances. The performance variables reflect a robot’s abilities. I made this to suit our scout’s needs, but it is possible to add match scouting. Our team also doesn’t have the resources to match scout.

It would be easy to change the criteria, just have a programmer talk to me.


Great, I’ll have a programmer talk to you.

Thank you very much for open sourcing this great tool.

Thanks! Emailing me would probably be best.

Edit: I recently made some changes to the program (setup window, versioning, and bug fixes). I highly recommend updating. The newer version can be found on GitHub.

You’re just so amazing! If only my team had a programer as good as you.