ScoutPro 8.4 feedback

This thread is created to receive a feedback about the Chantilly Team 612 Scouting software “ScoutPro” v8.4 .

The newly realeased ScoutPro became very popular among many teams. Due to the overwhelming response, our Programming has decided to create a better version of ScoutPro which will have many additional features and functions. For that, we need to get responses from all the teams on what exactly do you want in a scouting software. What changes should we make in our existing software, and what needs to be added.

By getting this feedback, we will try to improve our software according to your needs, with very easy interface that will even work on Palms and Blackbury PDAs. We would really appreaciate your help in making our software more efficeint.

Thanking you,
Team 612.

I was just talking to a guy today about getting everyone on 1 scouting system. I think if someone made a web based app that people could link to through a wireless network. If it had a web page that looked like the playing field and had the scoring features or scout-able aspects so you could track a teams individual performance by manipulating the web applet. Also on the page you select the team number you’re scouting. So if theres 6 bots on the field, it would allow the scouter’s to select any 1 of the 6 to scout. Every time one is selected its taken off the list, so 2 people won’t scout the same team. The data gets collected on one laptop, but anyone within the network can get reports from the database.

This of coarse only works if you take a poll and collect the data most people want. I’d go with something simple. But anyway, I usually carry a clipboard that I manually update from the scouting cards my team fills out. But instead I’d carry a wireless laptop on my cart and get the data from that instead of having to chase my head scout around.

I meant to obtain a copy. Any chance I can still get one?

Hey I eagerly looked foward to installing the cd that you guys gave out at our pit. But the instalation program license had expired or something like that so it wouldn’t work. :frowning: I’d still love to give it a spin. Anywhere else I could get it?

Ok folks, your high-demand has made Team 612’s programming team very pleased. Here are a couple of links that will get you to a download page with instructions that you should follow to run our software.

**Note to other OS’s ** : We had to fallback to a primitive fix so I should warn that this solution should only work on Windows systems. However, IF you already have a JRE installed and you don’t have windows, use the java command on the main class (Alliance_Runner) located in the classes directory with all of the other classes. If you want deeper help concerning cross-platform use, email [email protected]

Downloaded the full program off of the website, followed the instructions, and then when I run the program, I get a dos program that opens for a split second and then closes wihtout anything else. I’m guessing it’s trying to launch something it can’t find.


I downloaded it and its a great piece of software (I plan on testing it at BC6). Something I would really like to see is something akin to an image gallery where under the team section you could put a picture [of the teams robot]. It really does help for alliance selections and the like.

scoutpro is a great program
and with the many programmers on each team
can easily be adapted to fit their team’s needs

unfortunately I was unable to use the program this year, but i really like it.
unfortunately my use of it would be very limited since i do not have a lap top! i would really appreciate it if it could run on a Palm or Treo for next year.
PM or E-mail me when the program comes out, it would be greatly appreciated!

it’s already out

i could not get the installer to work, however. maybe you could make a .exe version?

if you need to make an installer you can download NSIS:

i’m learning it, it’s pretty good

thank you for the clarification i did not realize the same program that worked on the computer will work on the palm-type computers.
i have verizon and i am looking for one of the smart phones is one better than the others for this program? palm OS or windows based OS (in your experience)
in case you haven’t realized i am new to FIRST and loving it
i was wondering if you are planning on having an update for next years game

We will have an update for next years game. The next time an update will come out will be around the first or second week of build season. In the meantime we are working on putting in some more features and making it easier to use. I don’t see any updates coming out before that time, unless it is something that we wish to have tested. Hope that helps.

The installer should be working fine. If you have any problems or questions, email [email protected] so that we can assess your problems on an individual basis. Hope that helps as well.


i agree there is no point in updating before then.
thank you