SCOUTreach Curriculum Now Available For Use!

Hi there! We are Aragon Robotics (FRC 840, FTC 4345) from San Mateo CA and we created this program called SCOUTreach. SCOUTreach is our copyrighted Outreach program that focuses on exposing K-8 students (specifically young girls) to STEM in a two-hour engaging and hands-on workshop. We want to share our materials so that other teams can use our curriculum for their own events.

  • You can host in any classroom or open space!
  • All you need are a few volunteers and basic materials!
  • The curriculums are super fun and accessible!

We have worked with about 300 students this year and have had so much fun! We are so excited to share this program with all of you, and we hope you decide to try this out for yourself.

Check out our website for more information!

Thanks, and reply here or email us with any questions at aragonroboticsteam

Shelby - AR Business Captain