Scrapbook Ideas

So I’m new to this I guess. I was wondering if there was any creative scrapbooking ideas. I’m working with team 842. ::rtm::

I found two links from previous threads that may be of some use to you.
I’ll admit this isn’t really my area but these may help a bit. What format were you thinking of doing it? If on paper, my team has a bit of a through the ages one we quite enjoy, where each year gets a two page spread.
Hope I could be at least a tad useful:)

sweet! thanks, this helps a lot. we were thinking of doing it in like a literal scrapbook or well a binder would work. we kind of gather up and put them for one whole year, really. also thanks for helping, even if it seems like a small bit, it still helps. :slight_smile:

No problem. I would also recommend looking for examples sports teams have done and replacing it with robotics, as it’s kind of the same thing.

Every year we’ve made a scrapbook and it is nice to have that team history.
Alumni have enjoyed looking at past seasons and remembering them.

I don’t know how many teams document their history, but most teams that “scrapbook” are likely doing it on a computer. Compared to the digital version, it can take longer to make a traditional scrapbook. You are less likely to use a template (although I’d guess they exist), you actually have to crop the pictures with scissors, and gluing each piece takes longer than click and drag.

We start with an empty book. We get most materials from hobby stores. We’ll pick all our events, look through photos, pick out 4-8 for each event, and then print them at Walmart. Starting from a blank sheet of printer paper, the students sketch out a page prior to making it. This helps get an idea what the final page will look like, rather than just sticking picture and stuff to the pages. Then we have a paper cutter and various “wacky” scissors to crop the photos. There are glue strips (looks like white out strips) that are easier than glue sticks. I’d guess each page takes between 30-60 minutes to make.

Other than photos you can add newspaper clips, letters from officials, transition pages (with titles describing next section), etc. Last year we had a page with team members names and local teams names, for example.

All of this can take some time. Last year we were pushing to finish a skinny scrapbook but some years it has been 5 inches thick. We usually do this some during build season and finish before the first competition, but it could also be done as the year progresses so that there isn’t so much to do at once. However, the best books tell a story and have a flow to them that you can see as you turn pages, so make sure to think about that before just putting together a bunch of individual pages.

You can organize the book with a theme, by time (chronological), by team function (outreach, programming, fundraising, etc), or any way you’d like, really. For some formats, making transition pages that tell what the next pages contain is helpful. Anyway use storytelling here and plan it out. It will make a much better product.

We use our scrapbook for many events, including at competition and outreach events. Taking it is no fuss (no power outlets, etc), so that is nice. I like the actual scrapbook over any templated digital photo book that I’ve seen. My preference is to have a scrapbook like we have because they look nice and work well for events and archiving, but to digitize so we can more easily share it online or display it on a tablet for some events.