Scream For Sally

So during some of our matches at Waterford this past week the Drawbridge was selected by crowd cheering. When our drive team started playing the match they noticed that everything was difficult to see because of the Drawbridge in the way. This is only a problem because it is right in the middle of the field and with two giant drawbridges in the way it makes seeing the middle of the field nearly impossible. This affects both alliances so we thought that we would start a trend to NEVER pick the Drawbridge during qualification matches. It is just a defense that all drive teams fear because you never know what is happening right behind it. The Sally port is much easier to see past for all teams and would just be better for the competition. The Drawbridge ruins game play and makes everything less interesting to watch because nobody but the people in the stands knows what is happening behind it. The Sally port is much better in this aspect because it makes game play more fun to watch and more fun to compete in. So remember when you’re in the stands and the choice between the Drawbridge and the Sally port comes up SCREAM FOR SALLY. Remember a scream for sally is a scream for a better competition. #ScreamForSally

Not that I don’t agree with this, being on the shorter end of the spectrum, but doesn’t this movement somewhat conflict with T7-T8?

If it was my team I would cheer loudest for drawbridge, since we have a camera it doesn’t matter if we have direct line of sight or not. Does it make it easier yes, but is it necessary No.

It isn’t necessary but it does improve visibility and you also have two other teams in your matches and they might or might not have a camera.

T7 and T8 are talking about throwing a match for an advantage in the rankings. Sreaming for Sally is not asking for other teams to lose a match, it is asking to improve the quality of the tournament so that everyone has full visibility of the field.

For quals, where having the drawbridge inhibits my robot’s ability to earn extra RPs, then yes. In elims, if I think that my alliance is better at dealing with limited vision than our opponent alliance, whether that be because of a camera, a really good spy, taller robots, or even just having the taller drive teams, then I will cheer for the drawbridge.

Yeah thats actually interesting T7-T8 talk about teams performing below there standard, not about the audience.

I agree with you, but the GDC disagreed when I asked Q804. This is a slightly different application, though.

I don’t want to sound cold hearted or sound like I only care about taking home a banner, but the audience has a reason to choose the Drawbridge. If my robot isn’t playing in the match, I want the field to be as difficult and obstructed as possible. If I can do anything that might prevent an alliance from getting a Breach or a Capture during Quals, that might really benefit my team.
Soooooooo… No. Sorry, I don’t think I’ll Scream for Sally.

Besides, it makes it that much more interesting for the audience to watch.

The Drawbridge does cause some comedic mishaps, doesn’t it? Especially the Triple Tortuga in Palmetto.

Audience selected defenses stay there for a whole round of matches. So your team will see that defense in your next match.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that the drawbridge “ruins gameplay”. It’s part of the game as a challenge for teams to overcome. If all teams agree to not pick drawbridge, it’s a stone’s skip away from people always picking rough terrain/moat/portcullis/sally port every match, and suddenly a huge number of teams who designed their robots to cross the more difficult defenses are deemed worthless, despite being more versatile.

An important part of the game is finding out how best to set up the outer works in order to defend their towers. If I see that none of the opposing alliance robots are able to cross the drawbridge, you can bet that I’ll request the Drawbridge. I would even argue that colluding with the opposing alliance or agreeing to collude to make defenses easier would be violations of T7 and T8 in and of themselves.

This isn’t Recycle Rush. You are actually obligated to try and win every single match that you play in with the return of the W-L system, and colluding with the opposing alliance runs counter to that idea. If the Drawbridge or the Ramparts are the hardest for the opposing alliance, by all means pick that defense.

You might feel obligated to try to win every single qual match that you play, but I don’t. I have a higher priority for qual matches that may or may not involve trying to win.

Here’s a question for you: How about the ref who has to score your Sally Port crossing?

WITHOUT seeing your robot (potentially)?

Just a thought. I can understand why teams want the sally port, but I think the drawbridge is a better defense (in more than one way). Just my opinion.

I think the point here is mainly that in general, no one can do the drawbridge on their own. Because of this, the only reason you would vote for the drawbridge is to prevent other teams from doing as well as they could be due to a lack of vision. Therefore, in order to keep qual matches more interesting, we should scream for sally.

In addition, you have to remember when screaming you are not in isolation. You are paired with alliance partners when competing. Although you may think impairing vision to your side of the field does not affect your own teams score, it may still affect your partners. This means most likely you would still be hurting yourself more than the other team. Especially if you were close to weakening a tower, and one of your partners doesn’t get onto the batter(or whatever its called) due to that lack of vision.


This is all about vision not teams not being able to do the drawbridge. The sallyport is much lower and easier to see over that’s the point of #ScreamForSally.

The big thing about Scream for Sally is that it’s for the audience selection defense. When the audience selects the drawbridge it affects all the teams and mostly for the worse since you have to rely on a camera or a marker to figure out where your robot is.

Some teams are saying it doesn’t affect them because of the camera, but it does with reasons being that in the heat of a competition you don’t want to take your eyes off the robot and look at a computer screen, plus the point of view on the camera is objectively inferior to seeing the robot in its entirety.

Our team played a match where both the drawbridges were audience selected along with both the portcullis out (the CDF’s were out of commission for that round) and the match was extremely slow because of it, nobody wanted a broken robot.

If you believe your team can deal with the drawbridge easily, then feel free to select it for your match, but for the good of all the teams and entertaining competition the audience should scream for sally.

As if I and my tiny team needed another reason to loath the screaming-as-selection process.

My team also uses a camera and while yes it hurts if a partner cant see as well
then try to help them but I think the limited vision adds to the challenge of the
game. Its just like any other challenge in the game if you cant do it then you cant. It should have been something discussed.