Screws for aluminum slider

In the 2012 KOP there is about a 2 foot long aluminum extrusion with a plastic slider in it that takes 2 screws. We are using this in our robot this year. I want to pick up some screws for that slider on the way home from work but I don’t know what thread size they are.
I was hoping one of you might be able to tell me?

We had the same problem with year during FTC. I believe they are metric. I had to take the slide to lowe’s with me to size them.

They are M4.

Check out:

Is it the rail from the IGUS bag? We used it a couple of years ago and if I remember right it was 4mm but can’t remember the pitch. To be sure check the IGUS website I think they have an online catalog.

You guys rock
Thanks a bunch.

M4 has two recognized pitches, .5mm and .7mm, but only the .7 is commonly used. If something specs an M4, they probably mean an M4x.7.