Scrimmage Saturday, Feb 16 in Grand Rapids with Code Red!

On Saturday, February 16, 2013, Code Red Robotics FRC 2771 will be hosting an open scrimmage from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at our Build Space:

921 47th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

Please bring a snack to share, some drinks and a Team T-shirt signed by your team members (with all signatures on one side so we can hang it on the wall for a display). We will have a hot grill in case your group wants to cook something!

Come on out and have some fun with area FIRST family members. :slight_smile:

Any questions, email [email protected] or call Ken O.

Go teams!

Will the scrimmage be streaming on your website?

Yea, please stream if you could

Thanks Ken for the use of your facillity. Team 2054 plans on attending and we looking forward to seeing what other West Michigan teams have come up with for this years challenge. It will be our first chance to have that “Why didn’t we think of that.” Experience that is so unique to FIRST!

Thanks to the teams who came out to run robots and share ideas & resources! It’s always good to rub elbows with some great FIRST mentors and students.

Our field is still open to practice on. Area teams are welcome to come out this season for tower climbing and frisbee shooting when your robot is unbagged.

Any video from this scrimmage?

What he said. Please and thank you :smiley:

How many teams do you have coming to the scrimmage?

This scrimmage happened almost two years ago… Keep an eye out in February to see if they do it again.