Scrimmages in NJ?

Does anyone know of any scrimmages going on in NJ before the competition season?

Team 11 in Mount Olive tends to have a practice field and is pretty willing to share it. Team 303 has had one in the past but I’m not sure what they’re doing this year. I recommend reaching out to one of them.

41 used to have a scrimmage the last week of build, but I’m not sure if they still do it.

Either way, not many options for any non-northern NJ teams.

Good afternoon all,

Team 303 is very lucky to have the space we have. Our team has the area of a full field. We will have 6 driver stations, 1 airship, one hopper, one end of loading stations, one overflow station, one rope to hang (not attached to airship), and 3 lifts (fixed springs with the tips at correct heights). I will take and post pictures after our next meeting (Monday night). We would love to have teams come and practice but we have had problems in the past with over-crowding so we will be stopping at two additional teams per session we meet. We normally meet Monday-Thursday evenings from 430 to 830 and Sundays 12-330. If you would like to come practice with us please shoot an email to ""

Thank you and good luck with the rest of your build seasons!

We are not hosting one this year. The logistics of getting the field were nontrivial. It just isn’t feasible to get the fields from FIRST, split them, and send them up to us. I’ll look into the schedule for next year and see if it’s possible.

I am forwarding this to the community on behalf of the author:

Hello neighboring FRC teams,

I hope the first half of Build has been productive for all of you! I wanted to reach out to you guys because MORT is interested in sharing some of our shop space with your teams. If you have any needs for fabrication or assistance with assembling your robot, then we would be glad to help!

Our school has an on-site plasma cutter as well as a CNC mill and an open metal shop. For the last two weeks of the season, we will also have a mock-up practice field at one of our local elementary schools.

Our team has been incredibly privileged with having these resources readily available, but we would like to extend the offer and help out any teams who could benefit from access to these tools. If you are interested, please send us a message and we can arrange from time within the next few weeks.

All that we ask is that you limit your visits to 5 students and one or two mentors accompanying those students. We also request that you supply CAD files and stock supplies for any fabrication needs.

I wish the best of luck to all of you guys and we’re looking forward to seeing you in Competition Season!

Matthew Otey
Lead Mentor/Project Manager - FRC Teams 11 & 193
Mt. Olive High School
18 Corey Road
Flanders, NJ 07836
FIRST Robotics Contact: